How best to use social media?

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Re: How best to use social media?

Post by CliffordPhillips »

face book is the best social media to use. Here you can share anything that you like most.

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Post by Mamcp »

I work in Digital and Social Media Marketing Analytics, dont forget to "target and measure." Each social media platform gears toward different audiences and serves different purposes, and have different ways of measuring success. Here are some basics for targeting and measuring:

- Instagram: has a younger demographic audience, and achieves higher engagement and more customization and personalization for your target audience (i.e. comments and utilizing optimal hashtags). To do a promotional post, make sure your profile Is public and add relevant hashtags to draw in your target audience

-Facebook: has an older demographic, but has a higher reach than Instagram but far lower engagement. However, if you have a business page, Facebook offers free in-platform analytics to measure clicks, likes, views, engagement, growth so you can narrow down your audience from a larger reach. You can also target open Facebook groups.

-Twitter: also skews younger, and can be used as a tool to speak directly with your audience and ask direct questions and get direct replies. This can help you find data on your audience's psychographics such as interests and preferences in order to better create targeted content across all platforms.

Make sure all platforms have a link to your book/website to purchase, each site will measure how many people click your link.

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Post by BookPower9 »

Just keep on posting and writing informative messages. So that all can see it and maybe use it for personal development.

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Post by Zion Mesa »

I'm trying to learn the same thing but for my music, so I understand the struggle.

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Post by mikekane »

Join Group revelant to your topic or niche and share or promote your book there

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Post by bunmiolu »

The best way I think social media can be used is to post more about a niche you have created for yourself. Create that brand you and let most of your posts on social media accurately project you. That niche does not have to always be professional, it can be something fun. Before you know it, you can start making money from it, without you planning for that earlier.

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Post by gayscott »

Social media is a great when to connect with people . The more people you're connected with that have your same interests makes life more enjoyable. It also helps to boost your sale of an idea or a book, if they are already comfortable talking to you and like you.
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Post by Grace Bela »

I've found Twitter to be a great platform for connecting with people from all over the world. There are tons of authors and book lovers, and it's great hearing what they have to say.

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Post by Geoff-herridge »

I have a couple of ebooks on Amazon. I am about to do Instagram posts and stories to highlight both books. I will have approximately 60 posts and stories all up. I have a professional social marketing person doing the work for me.

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Post by shrikant275 »

Social media is one of the best ways to get our work known. Engaged in the community and appreciated your readers will provide you with more opportunities to update your work.

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