5 Tips to Become a Better Writer by Caroline Blaha-Black

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Re: 5 Tips to Become a Better Writer by Caroline Blaha-Black

Post by BookHausJ »

Thank you! These are great tips. One of my dreams is to write my best selling book. In fact I have written a book already. But I'm not that confident yet, that's why I have never offer it to any publisher. But you're right I should be feel free to critics.
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Post by princematin »

Nice job ,good and educative script.I have broading my brain on the bases of learning how to write a book and how to market my work .thank you

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Post by coolfire2017 »

Thanks for tips, it really means a lot to the aspiring writers like me.

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Post by JoshuaElvinaKKB »

Great tips for an established writer herself. And the best advice is the first one since we writers were once readers of some others work, we should still try to immerse ourselves in other writer's ideas. Great tips!

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Post by Vickie Noel »

I deeply enjoyed reading this article. I think all points are quite salient, especially Tips 1 and 3. Many times as I read, I feel inspired to create a story of mine but the thoughts and so many different angles I could possibly explore to achieve that gets really overwhelming at times. So I'll just keep on reading until a story bursts its way outta me.
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Post by Tamorie21 »

There are a couple of things in this article that I've never even considered! I was aware of being active on social media, but never thought about posting excerpts to my work to receive feedback from friends and family, especially not while I'm in the process of writing it! I think that is a very good idea. I thought about freelancing many times, but I find that I'm always struggling with time, as I am a full time Creative Writing student and work part time. At least I get writing experience in (around my other Major courses :roll: ) and some feedback. Thanks for the great advice!

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Post by lilyexpress10 »

Your article has motivated me,because i have written two books nd now am in the third but i dont know how to go about,but with this i think i have a way. Thank you

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Post by nobunkum »

In regard to your tip about reading a lot. I heard someone else say that they didn't want that be reading someone else's work while they were writing because they didn't want to sound like someone else but have their authentic writing style show through. What do you think about that? When you start to write do you put away other people's books?

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Post by Marvin_g »

i believe reading a lot, helps ones vocabulary when writing so it is very important for a writer to be someone that loves reading

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Post by EmeraldEyes8918 »

Excellent tips.

Writing is a craft that must be honed and given the evolution of online marketing and branding, the internet has become a great place to boost the readership.

I think that reading other authors is definitely a good thing to do, as it widens the horizons to different styles and means of expression. An author's voice is unique, and there can be many influences that shape it which makes it all the more special.

I used to think freelancing was a frightening concept, but being an aspiring writer for many years, it sounds like a good, positive method of finding an audience and those who will review your work.

Definitely a lot of good for thought, thank you! :)

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Post by amsula_2018 »

Thank you for the tips. It is very helpful for those who want to become a writer someday. 😘 😘
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Post by Patox »

A very interesting article on writing. I found it very useful and I must now increase my presence in social media. I have not particularly exploited my Linkedin handle.

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Post by KDJ »

Thank you for these five tips. I want to adopt some of these to help me improve my writing. I hope to improve with practice. Learning to critique other writers to help with my writing will be hard. My local library does not have a group, but I will google it. I really think this will help my writing. Thank you again for this helpful article.

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Post by Randysgal »

By utilizing social media of all kinds, I work on blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, etc looking at other writer's work, reading articles, getting suggestions, and sharing my own work. I find Pinterest to be a great and useful tool to learn as much as possible in the least amount of time. Keep in mind that much of the information found there can be less-than-good-advice, much can be worth its weight in gold. I also try to post a few sentences or a paragraph from each of my chapters for feedback. I find it helps me to get an idea of how my story fits what the readers expect. I get a lot of great feedback and am able to incorporate the ideas into my work.

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Post by IamShing »

Very helpful..thanks
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