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Inspiration For Writing My Book

Post by JGBRMS »

Inspiration For Writing My Book
by John G. Bendt

I wrote A Roadmap To Career Success - 25 Tips For College Bound Students, because I’m concerned that most high school students spend little time and effort exploring and evaluating what they want to do when they enter their work lives. They also have little understanding of the workplace, and no action plan to prepare for a happy and successful future.

It’s paradoxical that college-bound students and their parents put so much energy into selecting and gaining admission to a good college, yet give only minimal thought to such tasks as selecting a future occupation and learning the workplace soft skills required to compete in a global job market. Many students thus enter college with little direction and are naive about how the real world functions.

I find this disturbing for a number of reasons. First, it has serious consequences. Surveys show a gap exists between the soft skills college graduates possess and what they need to be successful in their careers. For example, according to a 2016 study by PayScale (a compensation and benefits information software company) and Future Workplace (an executive development firm), 60 percent of the 63,924 managers surveyed in their study reported new grads working in their company lack the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for the job. Other important soft skills found lacking included: communication skills (46 percent), writing proficiency (44%), leadership qualities (44 percent), public speaking (39 percent) and interpersonal and teamwork skills (36 percent). There is no doubt these skill gaps handicap the start of a new grad’s career.

Second, it doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve seen the benefits my four children gained by being proactive in high school to identify interesting occupations they found satisfying and fulfilling. I’ve witnessed them winning the jobs they wanted when they started their careers, because they learned and practiced important workplace soft skills like those listed above while in high school and college. I see them doing well and happy in their jobs today. I also have seen middle school and high school students respond positively in career prep seminars I’ve volunteered to teach. The notion that middle school and high school students are too young for career prep activities does not square with the experiences I’ve had with teens. Most schools do not connect the dots between school curriculum, selecting a career path, competition in the workplace and the skills required to compete successfully. When the dots are connected to form a big-picture, I’ve found teens get it, and are more likely to do a better job of preparing for their future.

When I searched for a book that would help teens understand the big-picture of how to achieve happiness and success in their work life, and couldn’t find one, I decided to write one.
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Post by smebusinessguide »


Great work!

These book have some gorgeous content regarding or working day to day life. But according to these days it need to have some great knowledge of work growth, i.e. how they can set goals and what are the things they should performs to achieve them. To do so nowadays people need to have some supportive advice which they can get from a good mentor.

Currently I am seeking for guidance on growing my business to the next level, I’m likely looking for strategies and insights to propel my company forward. I am exploring avenues to expand your customer base, increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, or explore new markets. By seeking advice from experts, I hope to gain valuable insights on innovative marketing techniques, effective sales strategies, optimal resource allocation, and potential partnerships or collaborations that can fuel your business growth. My goal is to discover actionable steps and best practices that can help my overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve sustainable success in scaling my business.
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Post by a1coder »

I penned "A Roadmap To Career Success - 25 Tips For College Bound Students" out of genuine concern. I've observed that many high school students put immense effort into getting into college, yet often overlook the crucial step of exploring their future careers and honing workplace skills.

This paradox troubles me for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there are significant repercussions. Surveys reveal a gap between the skills college grads possess and those they require to thrive in their careers. The lack of critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and other vital soft skills is evident in many graduates, hampering their entry into the professional world.

Secondly, I've witnessed firsthand that this disconnect can be bridged. Through my children and career prep seminars, I've seen how proactive steps in high school lead to rewarding, fulfilling careers. The misconception that middle and high school students are too young to grasp career prep doesn't hold up; when the bigger picture is painted for them, they grasp it and prepare better.

When I searched for a book that could guide teens toward happiness and success in their work lives and found none, I knew I had to fill that gap myself.
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Post by AMARA UJU »

Truth be told, your words and conclusion are right. Today, our academic skills and credentials are world's apart. Hence, the constant for those truly skilled and academic credentials being just a plus for them. For those who do not meet the demands, it means having heaven and earth to find a job placement. Thanks for putting this book together. For those who will get the chance to read it, they will learn something truly valueable.
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Post by PrinceL »

Kudos to your unwavering commitment to addressing the critical gap in career readiness for college-bound students—it's not only admirable but also imperative. The stark contrast between the exhaustive efforts invested in college selection and the oversight in preparing for future career paths and soft skills development is disheartening. The gravity of the issue, as emphasized by the PayScale and Future Workplace study, highlights the pressing need for your mission. The personal anecdotes featuring your children's success and the positive reception from middle and high school students in your career prep seminars provide a compelling dimension to your advocacy. Opting to fill this void with "A Roadmap To Career Success - 25 Tips For College Bound Students" showcases your proactive approach in empowering young minds with essential knowledge and skills for a rewarding future. Your significant contribution is undoubtedly shaping a generation that is more prepared and self-assured.
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