Guest Post: Not Your Typical Normal by Rachel Jacks

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Re: Guest Post: Not Your Typical Normal by Rachel Jacks

Post by ebeth »

wow I really enjoyed that. I am also one that uses essential oils. It's nice to hear from someone else that buying a book is a gift to themselves.
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Post by ollesternberg »

rachel_jacks wrote:Not Your Typical Normal by Rachel Jacks

A day in the life of me is probably pretty boring, much like I would imagine any typical person’s life would be. When you work a 9-5 job (or in my case an 8-5 job), life is pretty repetitive. To anyone else looking at me, I probably look pretty normal. I am a simple, low-maintenance person. Step into my house and you might start to notice some things that are not as “typical”.

On any given day my house looks like Thomas and Friends blew up in the living room. We don’t spend a lot of money on decorative pieces for our house and things are rarely put away on a regular basis. Everything has its place, but who wants to clean up toys multiple times a day? I want our house to feel lived in, not look like a model for a magazine. We make memories in our home, which often means we make messes, too. I don’t remember where I heard it, but I support the notion that homes are for free expression.

While I am not a health nut by any means, I do believe in natural healing. Growing up I would go to school sick and suffer through congestion and coughs instead of taking medications. As an adult, I have learned more about the harmful side effects of over the counter medications and prescription medications. I am now the “crazy oil lady” in my family. My bathroom drawer is full of my little bottle of goodness for everything from scrapes and bruises to strep throat. I have heard the “you need to go to the doctor!” line many times and seen the look of judgment for using essential oils instead of medicine. Clearly, others enjoy their freedom of expression as well.

If you happened to journey into the spare “bedroom” in our house right now, it is going to look like a paper explosion took place. My Cricut is on the floor surrounded by scraps of paper and projects. I feel very creative when I am making paper projects and right now my biggest project is preparing everything for my upcoming wedding. I have made everything from the save-the-dates, shower invitations, and wedding invitations to the Wed-libs, dessert bags, and wedding favors. I can’t help but to be excited when I show my creations to others. I always wish I had more time to scrapbook and fiddle with new projects.

When life allows it, I can usually be found curled up on the couch reading a new book…or an old favorite. My collection is forever expanding and I eagerly await the day that the wall-to-wall bookshelf is complete in our bedroom. I am one of those girls that would prefer a walk-in library to a walk-in closet. I would rather spend money on books than money on clothes because books are the gift that keeps on giving. I can’t wait to share my collection with my son.

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Thanks! this is very interesting, i enjoyed reading it. <3
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Fabian Omondi
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Post by Fabian Omondi »

Wow congratulation for your upcoming marriage...O wish you enjoy every minute of it
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Post by Lincolnshirelass »

Bit of a late reply, but wanted to say I loved reading this, and Thank God for someone who isn't telling us to de-clutter or our lives are in ruins! I almost fell out with a friend because she told me she was worried I was a borderline hoarder just because I actually like to have STUFF around. I also share your spending preferences and congratulations on the wedding.
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Post by JordanKSmith »

If this post was bread, we'd have penicillin. Still, I have something to say, so I'm going to say it, lol.

I used to be a bit skeptical about essential oils. However, the benefits are hard to deny after researching the clinical trials. I'm not saying to choose them over a doctor, but the benefits are real. In lots of cases, the results are shown to be better than the pills that are available. I'm just going off the data that the trials present on PubMed. I couldn't argue one way or the other. I'm still too ignorant to hold an opinion that could be considered solid.
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Post by timstudioliving »

Hi Rachel,

Your post resonates with me because, in a world that often celebrates perfection, it's refreshing to see someone embrace the beautiful chaos of life. Your house sounds like a haven of memories, and I completely agree that homes are meant for free expression.

I admire your approach to natural healing and using essential oils. It's crucial to make choices that align with our beliefs and values, even if they diverge from the mainstream.

Your creative projects, especially for your upcoming wedding, sound fantastic. Your passion for crafting shines through, and it's wonderful to hear how excited you are about it.

Lastly, your love for books is something I can relate to. A walk-in library does sound like a dream come true!

By the way, if you're ever looking to add a touch of creative design to your living space, you should check out Studio Living. They have some inspiring ideas for transforming living spaces into unique, functional, and stylish places to make even more memories.

Keep being you, Rachel, and embracing the "not so typical normal" that makes life beautiful.

Best regards,
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