Official Interview: E.R. Barr

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Tammy Le
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Re: Official Interview: E.R. Barr

Post by Tammy Le » 20 Nov 2016, 00:23

What a great interview. I like the honesty in his answers; some may take an elitist's point of view and declare every action deliberate and intentional, but this author lets his story shape itself - and I applaud him for that. So few writers actually write from the heart.

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Post by poetrythanki » 21 Nov 2016, 11:14

Interesting!! I always look out what other authors as they have something useful and inspiring discovery about writing to tell. They all help me with my writing. Great interview.
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Circling Turtle
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Post by Circling Turtle » 23 Nov 2016, 05:40

Thank you for this insightful interview, the book sounds absolutely fascinating and I have enjoyed reading the various theories and critiques it has inspired in the forums - now to read it :)
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Post by Dr1johnny » 24 Nov 2016, 23:56

I speak with people everyday as their Dr and I find it interesting that they find things magical that they do not know but those people or things right in front of them are not so magical. The author said priests are not looked up to because they are too ordinary, but their perspective is quite extraordinary because of their level and depth of study amongst other earthly and beyond interactions and thoughts. :tiphat:

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Post by sabira » 25 Nov 2016, 02:09

Re: Official Interview: E.R. Barr
Interviewing a priest and he comparing himself as a storyteller of a God clears a point of blind trust and belief people have on spiritual aspect.
The interview got little boring in the middle and it is recommended that you atleast in starting give more points related to priest topic.
All those who have a side and interest for philosophical and spirituality should read this book as it will give many new opening ideas.

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Post by maddmudder » 29 Nov 2016, 15:26

Fantastic interview. I was impressed at the variety of authors that E.R. BARR enjoys reading. I also like to read a few of the same authors. It makes sense to me that a priest would understand how the writers use their faith or lack of faith when writing. I read the same type of books because, for me, it helps to understand my faith and the journey I am on. I will definitely read "Roan" as my interest has been peaked. :)

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Post by Shelle » 01 Dec 2016, 00:01

Great interview! I like how E.R. Barr's background is so evident in his writing. He knows who he is and writes that way. Oh, and I too have a soft spot for chocolate labs!
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Post by SnowInOhio » 03 Dec 2016, 04:30

I, too, am a minister-writer-teacher. I think we all (in God's service) continually do the serving and teaching just by how we live our lives day to day. Service lies in our storytelling as well as conscious ministry.

As one grandmother told me: all stories teach.

Quite a responsibility!

My question: the Priesthood is far removed from selkies' shores and Native American traditions...both of which are pretty closed to outsiders. Where did you get your information, in order to use the two, convincingly, in the story? (haven't read it yet)

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Post by ASH637 » 03 Dec 2016, 16:51

Great Interview.
It's interesting to not only the read the thoughts of a writer but also a priest. To be so open minded but still know to wanted to be a priest for so long. Congratulations on the awards.

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Post by Celticlady » 04 Dec 2016, 13:04

Love the interview! It is always great to learn about an author, how they write, why they write and how they pick their subject matter. That is why I became a blogger! Great post! Happy Holidays!

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Post by JenniB » 07 Dec 2016, 15:24

Fantastic interview! It has peaked my interest even more and the book is now on the top of my list to read.

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Post by Pookabooks » 09 Dec 2016, 16:55

I really enjoyed reading your interview. I think it's very neat that your a priest and are using this method to reach people with stories and truths that must be told. I love how when asked if you miss your characters after the fact, you said they come back anxious to tell you about your their new adventures. I can totally understand that concept and its so true!
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Post by SharonDMoore » 10 Dec 2016, 21:11

This was really interesting. I saw your book listed on social media through Onlinebookclub and almost bought it. After reading your interview, I am going to go to amazon and buy it. I like the way you think and am interested in hearing the story you have to tell.

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Post by Lakshmanachari » 15 Dec 2016, 13:23

Its nice to see a piece and part about your life.

Its really amazing how you got diverted from your life to become a priest. But your hobbies seem to be different from a priest.

Good luck for the future.

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Post by Dewald6 » 05 Jan 2017, 07:32

Thank you for this wonderful interview! It' always interesting to find out what a writer's personal life is like, and I think I'll definitely give this book a read!

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