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Official Interview: Anthony A. Morris

Post by kandscreeley »

Today's Chat with Sarah features Anthony A. Morris author of Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude. This is an upcoming book of the month, so get your copy now.

Official Review

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1. Who has inspired you most in life?

I was inspired the most by my mother, grandfather and an elderly businessman, whom I did yard work for from the time I was 9 till I was 15 when we moved from Calgary, Alberta to Prince George, British Columbia. Before Mr. Allen paid me each Saturday, he got me to sit in his office and advised me for about a half-hour on how I should carry myself in life. I was very fortunate to have them and a number of others who really shaped who I am.

2. What's your schedule like while writing?

Most of my writing was done early in the morning while the family was asleep because anything could and usually did come up during the day that needed attention. I try to go to bed early and get up early like 3:00 to 5:00 am. It’s the best time of day to get stuff done like reading, meditating and/or peacefully tackling tasks undisturbed.

3. Let's discuss your book Good Sexual Hygiene & Spiritual Attitude. For those that aren't familiar, can you give us a quick synopsis of the book?

The book is about good human ethics, sexually and otherwise. It elaborates on good and bad things that affect our sexuality. As you go through each chapter, you’re introduced to another subject of concern that affects our sexuality. It’s like going from grade 1 to 12 where each consecutive chapter is another grade. It is a wake-up call to using good common sense in all of your dealings in life rather than running with the gang, letting them decide how you should live and think. The book uses a lot of true short story illustrations to address important points. Like:
  • What we really are
    Where our natures came from
    What’s the scope of Good Hygiene?
    And regards to things like, how we should reason regarding our behavior on all factors of life.
4. The book focuses on questions children may have. Why was it important to you to address these topics?

One of the first things children question is where did I come from? Society has avoided informing children about the truth about their beginning. When I reflected back on my and other children’s experiences that I grew up with, I realised there was a serious problem from hurtful lies that needed to be addressed.

I wanted this book to be beneficial to everyone including young children. Therefore, basic knowledge of sex was required so everyone is up to speed on what is being said. I also used the first chapter to express the serious responsibilities anyone sexually involved should have. So, no matter what you think you know the first chapter like all the rest of it is important for everyone to read because it sets the mood for the rest of the book.

5. What audience is the book for? Is it only for parents or educators?

This book is for everyone from five to a hundred and five plus. I have witnessed many adults who can benefit from all kinds of advice in my book because almost nobody takes time to meditate on life’s issues anymore. Most everyone seems to be rushing all day long without any quality time spent pondering life’s values. And I hear pensioners saying they are busier now than they ever were when they worked. In short, nobody takes time to sit quietly and meditate on life’s values anymore. My book is a wake-up call to that audience.

6. Tell us about the research you did for this book.

Most of my research began with a fascination as a teenager listening to old timer’s wisdom advice on life and mother nature. Plus because of all the things I got involved with over the years, I would say I got well seasoned in what’s important in life. And, I like reading true stories about people like John DeLorean, Jim Rohn and William Lear.

7. What did you learn while writing the book?

I had a biased radical nature about some things that I learned, I needed to be more sympathetic regarding sensitive issues of people’s beliefs. Some things I address I spent years considering how I would address them in a wise, thoughtful way. But the one thing I’m glad I learned was Doctor Carl Baugh’s Creation Evidence Museum’s research on Creation. Listening to his lectures from his team’s discoveries was mind-boggling, to say the least. The second chapter, “What Science Knows About Where We Came From,” is not based on theories but on proven scientific discoveries acknowledged by Science Magazine.

8. What's next for you? Are any other books in the works?

I’m working on an exercise book to help people gain a greater retention of the content of my book. It can be beneficial to people who like my book because many aspects of each discussed concern are only one to three paragraphs each. Therefore, a lot of good information can easily be forgotten from only reading the book once. The review exercise book can be helpful to parents and teachers alike. When done, I want to offer it online for free so everyone who wants to use it can.

I’m working on collecting information to write a true story about my grandfather who had to beat up a school teacher to get his day in court against a discriminating school board where they couldn’t keep their prejudice hidden from the public.

I like to end with fun questions.

9. Who is your favorite author?

If I enjoyed reading fiction, I would probably have one but each book I’ve read has been by a different author.

10. What's your go-to outfit?

At seventy-two I still enjoy getting dirty in work clothes, accomplishing whatever tasks I take on. Then clean up after and dress up in glad rags to go out dancing to disco or whatever having a good sociable time. I am wearing my favorite hippy shirt from back in the seventies in the picture of me on the back of the book.

11. What one fictional character would you most want to meet and why?

Dirty Harry. He’s never let bureaucracy cripple good common sense. When I took a marine navigation course, the teacher said, “There is no room for politics on the high sea.” In my trades as an ambulance attendant and as a power engineer, I found myself in the same kind of abrupt intense situations that could cost lives and or millions of dollars. Situations where snap decisions risks against company policy sometimes were made to save the day. Therefore, I believe a character like Clint Eastwood and I could share some interesting stories about our lives.

12. What's your favorite food?

I love snacking on raw vegetables and fruit. Usually, it’s hot cereal for breakfast with raisins or blueberries. My favorite breakfast meal is hot biscuits with our crab-apple or plum jam, and my favorite meal is still hot buttered cornbread with fresh steamed beet greens and loin chops.


Check out the author's website here.
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Post by Mary Ndirangu 1 »

This interview was really fun. I'm interested in this book and I'd love to read it as soon as I can. Thanks so much.
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Post by Victoria Ukamaka »

I really enjoy reading author interviews as I like discover things that could connect me to the authors I read their books. I'm glad to learn from this interview that Anthony A. Morris is an early bird like me. Waking up early to get somethings done makes one feel like they have achieved much even before the rest of the world could start. I will love to read this book soon.
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Post by Oyedeji Funmilayo »

The interview was awesome and I appreciate the truthfulness of the author. Many Adults are battling with so much from their childhood or teenage. I look forward to reading this book.
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Post by stanslous Mwetela »

the book is a wake up call.... and i would love to read it as soon as possible.
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Post by shashank00018 »

it is a good book and you should also read about this
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Post by Halimahtun Saadiah »

Something that I will be looking forward to read soon. I am dumbfounded to know more about this book.
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I really love this interview especially the part where the guest talked about meditating.
Many people don't take time to meditate, this makes them to take wrong steps in life.
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Post by saintmatrix »

This is very interesting, am looking forward reading your book, thanks
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Post by Kenny102 »

Wow mind blowing interview I really enjoyed reading through having a great anticipation on the book, really love the part on meditation on personal life.Great one indeed 👍
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Post by Frabzylee »

It really inspired me to read more
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Post by Alet Van Tonder »

Impressive to consider the daily discipline that the author must have - rising at 3:00 AM to work on projects. This confirms that focus and discipline is required for deep work. Looking forward to reading this book.
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Post by Jatto Onimisi »

This is such an informative interview. It's so thoughtful of the author to be concerned about the readers' retention of the ideas he shared. I hope his work on the review exercise book is successful. I expect this book to be a lovely read.
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Post by Maliha Naveed »

I really needed to hear from an author that 3-5 am is the best time for meditation, reading and writing. I will definitely follow this routine. It was a very nice interview with precise answers by the author. Loved it!
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Post by Asiaa Szn »

This is truly an interesting interview and I would love to read this book.
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