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Re: The Wall: Submit Author Interview Questions

Post by Amh73090 » 14 Aug 2016, 14:37

Do you pull inspiration on characters from your daily life? If not where does your inspiration come from?

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Post by Jackbampoe » 14 Aug 2016, 14:56

Have you ever regretted for being a writer?

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Post by Gravy » 14 Aug 2016, 17:48

What's your favorite holiday, and how do you celebrate it?
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Post by CatInTheHat » 14 Aug 2016, 18:20

Which character most resembles you?
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Post by Jennifer Allsbrook » 14 Aug 2016, 18:27

How much time and research do you dedicate to character development for a story?

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Post by gali » 14 Aug 2016, 22:48

* When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

* Do you read and reply to comments of your readers? Does a bad review affect your writing?
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Post by Lady Countryrose » 11 Jan 2017, 22:08

What drives you to write?
What was the book that started it all for you?
What is the goal that you have for your book(s)?
You supports you, meaning who has your back?
What quote drives you to go forward?
What is your favorite genre?
Who are your favorite characters that you have written and why?

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Post by Wasif Ahmed » 05 Mar 2017, 02:50

Which is your favourite book?
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Post by CHL » 10 Jul 2017, 09:59

Zoe 123 wrote:I'm having the hardest time converting files to the .mobi format to read on my Kindle. Several books are being sent to me with this strange extension.acsm. Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did they managed to get it converted. I've been pulling my hair out. I even called Amazon and that was a serious waste of time.

Please advise, Thanks!
You might want to try other apps. I got ereader prestigio free on play store. It reads many different kinds of files. There is also a forum here about that. Try searching for it. It's a great help.

-- 10 Jul 2017, 23:05 --

Are you widely-read? They say in order write well, you have to be a great reader as well. If so, who is your favorite author/s or what kind of books do you read? Is it the same kind of books that you write?

-- 10 Jul 2017, 23:08 --

I have to read all replies to make sure I will be asking a different question. Whew!
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Post by Margaret Grant » 14 Jul 2017, 08:05

Has any character you have written about changed your life?

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Post by CHL » 14 Jul 2017, 18:55

Jackbampoe wrote:Have you ever regretted for being a writer?

This is an interesting question. And if I may add, do you do anything for a living aside from being a writer?
"Do not take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyway."

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Post by RegularGuy3 » 04 Sep 2017, 08:26

Coke, Pepsi, or other?

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Post by Nwoko Solomon Ikechu » 05 Sep 2017, 09:47

I want to know the inspiring or motivating factor that lead the author to write this book. And 2. Does he have the idea of the book as a whole or does the idea or inspiration comes as the work progress?

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Post by Johnoscar » 04 Dec 2017, 02:55

Apart from writing and reading what other things d like doing?

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