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Featured Official Interview: Dr. Randy Ross

Post by kandscreeley »

Today's Chat with Sarah features Dr. Randy Ross author of Fireproof Happiness, an upcoming book of the month.

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1. How long have you been writing?

I started writing early in my career. I've always been energized by the creative process. I initially wrote because I was a professional speaker and wanted to have compelling content to present on stage. Later, I started writing books to support and expand my live messages. I've written five books, all directed toward helping individuals find more meaning and fulfillment in their work and equipping organizations to craft compelling cultures, where team members are inspired to bring their best to work every day. By providing practical wisdom and needed hope, my message helps people build a brighter tomorrow.

2. Did your family support your writing?

My wife and children have always been supportive of my writing efforts. My wife, in particular, is the consummate encourager, providing emotional support and everyone in the family is a champion of the messaging in each of my books.

3. Tell us about your book Fireproof Happiness.

Fireproof Happiness is about finding what everyone desires – happiness, even in the midst of life's greatest challenges. Distilling decades of psychological research into simple language, Fireproof Happiness provides principles and practices to effectively face and embrace challenges, difficulties and setbacks. Offering life-transforming truths, it untangles some of life's toughest issues and shows how anyone can apply hope to make life happier, healthier and more productive.

4. Why did you decide to write a book on happiness?

Happiness is something that everyone desires, yet few know how to obtain. What constitutes true happiness has been a query that has captivated psychologists, philosophers and religious leaders for centuries. Many meaningful and insightful responses have been the outcome of the struggle to define and describe the elements that are essential to this universal pursuit. As a result, one thing has become clear. Happiness is not achieved by eliminating struggle.

I wrote the book during the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to show the direct link between hope and happiness and provide encouragement for those going through tough times. While the cloud of COVID has diminished, the need for practical wisdom to find meaning and fulfillment in the midst of challenging life circumstances is a subject matter that will always be relevant.

5. How does the book motivate people to change?

By understanding the foundational elements and beliefs of hope, people can make life better by becoming better at life. By having an effective, working definition of hope and embracing the elements that elevate hope, people can learn how to face and embrace even the most challenging of life's circumstances and build a brighter tomorrow.

Change is made possible when you adopt the Buoyancy Beliefs of Hope.

6. How much research went into the book?

Quite a lot. In preparation for writing Fireproof Happiness, I reviewed and synthesized over 200 scientifically-based, peer-reviewed research papers on the efficacy of hope. I took this information and put it in simple language that anyone could grasp and apply to life. Then I reverse-engineered the elements of hope, breaking them apart, analyzing them and then putting them back together. Finally, I close out the work by offering suggestions on how anyone can begin to practice certain principles that will help elevate someone's Hope Quotient.

7. What was the most surprising thing about writing and why?

The surprise for me was how practical and powerful hope actually is when you understand it. For many, hope is nothing more than an ethereal concept, with no practical value. Some are even inclined to support the notion that, "Hope is not a strategy." This is a myth that we debunk early in the book, showing how impactful a clear understanding of hope can actually be, both for individuals and organizations.

8. What are your plans now?

To travel and speak, taking the message to organizations that are interested in providing content that speaks to the emotional health and well-being of their workforce, helping them elevate both morale and performance.

I like to end with fun questions.

9. How do you relax?

I love to sail. There's something soothing to the soul about being on open water.

10. What one food would you have the hardest time giving up if it didn't exist?

Definitely seafood. I know that's a broad response, but I enjoy almost anything from the sea.

11. What's your favorite sound?

The sound of crashing waves (I'm sure that surprises you, given my last two responses). Also, rain on a tin roof.

12. Do you have a green thumb?

Nope. I've been known to kill cacti.
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Post by Zwelihle_Myeni »

Almost everyone is seeking happiness, but only a few will obtain it one day. I love how Dr Randy's replies resonate with what we're going through everyday, and how they give me a sense of hope that reading this book might be beneficial for me.
Dalhatu Usu
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Post by Dalhatu Usu »

"Change is made possible when you adopt the Buoyancy Beliefs of Hope" how profound. The quest for Happiness is almost as old as the world itself. From his Responses, Dr. Randy sure sounds like a very happy man and I'm certain this book comes from a place of experience. Though I don't love sailing like Dr. Randy, "fireproof happiness" seems like a very worthy sail.
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Rose Renee Chavez
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Post by Rose Renee Chavez »

"Hope" is such a tossed-around word unless you have had to rely on hope alone.
Hope, "Paul, say's "hope means not wishing but knowing for certain."
"Fireproof Happiness" sounds like a book to add to my thoughts.
Rebecca Schroeder
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Post by Rebecca Schroeder »

Hope is such an important concept that many of us just don’t know how to grasp anymore. This book was very enjoyable and I’ve learned how to find more hope in a stressful situation. Hope is something that everybody needs, and what connects us are a community.
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Post by wamaithasuy »

'Hapiness is not achieved by eliminating struggle.' Words well put by Mr.Randy. Hope is not well understood by many and 'Fireproof Happiness' seems to give a deeper meaning of hope. It's a must read for me.
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Post by Krimo2605 »

Happiness is an important thing to search for. Just follow what you do to achieve it and do not give up in the face of obstacles
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Happiness is something special. Not everyone could be happy. A person should deeply fell happiness in their heart has the whole happiness. Happiness is a desires that everyone should have.
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Post by Kebun Bunga »

The emphasis on practical wisdom and the amalgamation of psychological research into simple language to help individuals face difficulties and setbacks effectively is promising. The author's commitment to distilling complex concepts into accessible content is evident. The mention of extensive research is a strong point, demonstrating the book's credibility. The focus on hope as a practical and impactful concept is intriguing and could resonate with readers seeking ways to improve their lives.
Sondang :tiphat:
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Post by Felix4life »

I really loved how Randy explains what the humans and generations of today get to have. The seafood and sailing on boats while writing books is something that heals the soul. How lovely of human that is
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