What genre of music do you like?

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lil hammer
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Re: What genre of music do you like?

Post by lil hammer » 18 Feb 2018, 04:15

I really enjoy New School Rap/Singing. For example lil boats album "Teenage Emotions". I love how these new beats are strong yet create a sense of happiness other hardcore beats can't really provide. I love singers who test their limits and try something new. Courage and sensitivity, empathy and sympathy, love and pain. Balance in music is so hard to create but somehow lil boat really hits it right on the head with this album. I also enjoy Mac Millers Music. His clever wordplay and out of the box thinking inspired me too start making music when I was 14. I'm 22 now and still try to create something new everyday. My favorite music is my own of course. I still really enjoy others feelings and thoughts. Artists that open others minds and show that its ok to be different are the most inspiring and life changing with out a doubt.

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Tara Nicole
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Post by Tara Nicole » 18 Feb 2018, 23:49

My favorite genre of music is rock. Nirvana, Stone Sour, Breaking Benjamin, The Cranberries,Three Days Grace, and a lot of other bands. I also like pop and classical music just depends on my mood.

Natalia Andreas
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Post by Natalia Andreas » 19 Feb 2018, 18:32

I'm all over the place when it comes to music. I can't whichelp one like most. Whether it is Rock, pop, Rnb, Raegge, rap or country; as long as it's good music, I will go for either any time.

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toni bas
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Post by toni bas » 21 Feb 2018, 11:35

most times i love listening to country music of the 80's

Tzara Drusak
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Post by Tzara Drusak » 21 Feb 2018, 16:01

I have really eclectic music preferences. There are so many wonderful types of music I'm drawn to, like Reggae, Hip hop, R & B, heavy metal, rock. I love sad songs, or any acoustics or instrumentals. The one type I'll never see myself liking is opera. Shudder.
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Post by Arrigo_Lupori » 23 Feb 2018, 15:40

Funk, electronic, pop, hip-hop and classic rock.
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Post by R-Myra » 13 Mar 2018, 03:17

I like Rock, Pop and R&B. I was more into Pop genre but when I heard the other genres, I started liking them too. But it really depends on my mood when I want to listen any kind of music.

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Post by See_B00kReaDs » 31 Mar 2018, 06:08

I like christian / inspirational songs
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Post by KRay93 » 01 Apr 2018, 10:23

While I like the vast majority of genres, my preference is always going to tilt towards something classical, and the less presence of the human voice, the better. I do really like movie scores (which mostly use instruments from a regular orchestra), and applying my last criterion, I was always attracted to electronic music, although I don't like too noisy or crazy pieces.

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Aishat Rabiu
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Post by Aishat Rabiu » 02 Apr 2018, 03:13

I roll with almost any type of music but I'm more of lyrics oriented. Once the lyrics catch my fancy, I fall in love

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Post by tonyatt » 02 Apr 2018, 14:02

Country all country I love it . Some of it's sad.but some will get you going.

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Post by becsimpson » 03 Apr 2018, 12:04

Punk, hardcore, metal, metalcore, post-hardcore, emo, grunge, alt-rock, post punk, industrial, sludge, doom, electro hardcore, screamo, thrash, digicore, rap, grime, EDM

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Post by TaaraLynn » 03 Apr 2018, 12:12

A lot of 1940s and 1950s classics! I love the Everly Brothers and Ricky Nelson. And 90s pop music. Oh and Frank Sinatra, of course!
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Post by SABRADLEY » 03 Apr 2018, 23:08

I enjoy classical, spa (or New Age), pop, country, instrumental, some blues (mostly Johnny Lang and Robert Cray), some hip hop, oldies, and whatever Lenny Kravitz' style is.

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Aubrey Cana Laine
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Post by Aubrey Cana Laine » 04 Apr 2018, 03:56

I absolutely love ballads. I feel like they soothe my soul.

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