Are you a songwriter?

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Are you a songwriter?

Post by bturrill » 01 Jan 2017, 15:16

I've written and performed songs for a long time - I'm still writing songs, along with other things, but writing lyrics seems to be my preference. If you are a songwriter, I'd be curious about anything you'd care to share about songwriting - what works, doesn't work, whether you use a word processor or pen and paper, working late at night, outside in the natural world, with someone else or solo.

Have you ever sold a song, and how did that work and feel? Lyrics often seem like children and sending them out to the wider world can be difficult, although that's a very personal view on my part. I don't mind singing what I have written but I'm very reluctant to pursue any of the ways there are to sell lyrics. I also have to write lyrics using a pen and paper, although I will use my laptop to create the final version. I don't have that problem when writing anything else (except poetry), but there's something about holding a pen that connects to my brain in a very different way than using a keyboard.

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luxury Kayleb
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Post by luxury Kayleb » 13 Mar 2017, 15:07

Well just like you I love music and writing lyrics is my utmost joy. And the funny bit of it is that I'm like versatile in genres. That I some time become confused if asked my genre

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Post by Lincoln » 14 Mar 2017, 12:25

I would love to be, but no such talent!
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Liana Miro
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Post by Liana Miro » 17 Mar 2017, 02:44

I enjoy writing songs every now and then. There is something about it that makes me feel excited about every time. Though I might say, I don't have any specific procedures as to how i write but for me it just comes naturally. Whether I'm doing dishes, taking a stroll, or just sitting, I get this ideas popping in my mind and i just grab a pen and paper or my cellphone and write down my thoughts or record myself humming n some random tunes. I've never sold any of my songs yet because I think that they lack something and I constantly practice while I can so I can improve my skills.

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Wahu lucy
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Post by Wahu lucy » 17 Mar 2017, 07:01

I used to write music a while back i got to perform them with my friends.Now i compose poetry.Either poetry or lyrics to a song the best way to write them down at first is on a book.Mostly i use a drawing pencil since i have to make alot of changes with the rhymes or maybe word patterns.I have in years convinced myself that a book and a pen produce the best artistic work.
And mostly when i type something down i end up rejecting the project somewhere along the way.

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Post by D_A_Hopkins » 17 Mar 2017, 17:35

I have been built into a songwriter as a poet. I have recently published my book and I somehow managed to get a email to a music producer in Nashville and now my poem is waiting on a talented singer to make it a hit. :) :roll2:

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Post by Amagine » 28 Mar 2017, 09:34

I'm not a songwriter but it is something that I'm trying to get into someday. I know they say that songs are just poetry but I don't think they are quite that simple. I think they are a little more complicated than poetry because you have to imagine music behind your lyrics.
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Ama Idim
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Post by Ama Idim » 28 Jul 2017, 03:56

Never tried it, would love to

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Terry madee
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Post by Terry madee » 30 Jul 2017, 13:24

yes.. I write songs.. depending on life experience what I feel.. and what I've learnt

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brown katty
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Post by brown katty » 04 Aug 2017, 04:24

Am an artiste,I can compose song very well,but to write it is kinda hard for me,but am trying to write my songs down before going to studio to record it

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Post by Spontaneo » 11 Aug 2017, 19:40

No, I am not a songwriter. However, I am sure it is really neat.

If a person would want to dab in songwriting a little (not the musical notes though), what tips would you give to that person?

Is songwriting (not the musical notes) like writing poetry? Again, I am not a poet.

Does Songwriters Market teach anything on this topic?

In what direction would you point a person interested in learning?


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brown katty
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Post by brown katty » 12 Aug 2017, 06:35

Am currently working on a song with my crew,which will soon drop,the song is talking about love,about someone who you truly love and he/she keep on doubting your love for him/her

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Post by Marylynn » 12 Aug 2017, 11:35

Am not a song writer but i have a soft spot for poetry. Wish i could be of much help :cry:

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Post by GPM » 01 Sep 2017, 04:51

No, but I tried songwriting due to a school requirement, and hadn’t write ever since.
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Post by ebethina » 04 Sep 2017, 15:26

NO I am not a songwriter. I have tried to write songs because I play the piano, but it is really hard.

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