Music For Studying?

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Re: Music For Studying?

Post by crediblereading2 » 20 Apr 2018, 13:39

The only music that I listen to while studying, is silence.

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Post by eddix » 21 Apr 2018, 01:06

It's really true when they say, "Different strokes for different folks". I know someone who couldn't study effectively unless her radio was blaring, and I know she's not the only one - this post proves it. Personally, I prefer peace and quiet when I'm studying. If there's any music, it has to be classical music - no lyrics, and very soft in the background.

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Mr Benji
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Post by Mr Benji » 22 Apr 2018, 13:22

Playing music on the background without the lyrics works fine for me.
The preference depends on the individual and the level of his tolerance too.
Some music such as Rock can interfere with the rate of assimilation in some individuals. While others reader simply flow along.

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Mr. Benji
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Post by Ana_Saints » 26 Apr 2018, 23:11

I don't have a particular music for studying, as long as it's a good track. But I am most likely to play songs that are new to me with a good vibe or those musics I don't know too well. So in that case I wouldn't waste my time singing along to the jam rather than studying.

Alex Hughes
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Post by Alex Hughes » 27 Apr 2018, 00:24

I can't study while listening to music. I
always end up listening to the lyrics and
getting distracted, although some people can.

Tzara Drusak
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Post by Tzara Drusak » 30 Apr 2018, 11:19

I used to do that. It was rock. hip hop or R&B but when I started dancing halfway through my mom told me to quit hurting myself. I switched over to softer music but kept falling asleep. I found this app that plays some soothing, yet not sleepy background tunes. It's really nice and keeps me focused and my memory a little more on point.
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Post by lbhatters » 30 Apr 2018, 20:10

I'm not distracted by any music so long as there are no words. Otherwise it helps while studying or drawing or journaling.
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Post by Lgs1089 » 02 May 2018, 19:54

I normally have to be in a bubble of solitude and silence while I study, but if I happen to be in the mood for a little music I try to pick the stuff that is minimally stimulating. It's kind of like when you're trying to go to sleep but still want to have something playing in the background on the television.You're not going to pick something you've never seen because than you'd be up all night. I am normally all bubble, but my husband is not, and we met in the middle. I opt for The Beatles, Cat Stevens, Brett Dennen, and The Grateful Dead. I love classical, but I'm so sensitive to certain sensory triggers that I either have to have silence or something I've heard or seen multiple times.
L.G. Stewart
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Post by gen_g » 03 May 2018, 03:33

Classical all the way, for me, it helps you concentrate a lot better!

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Jency Robert
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Post by Jency Robert » 03 May 2018, 06:17

I do not listen to music while studying because like you I am getting lost because of the lyrics. But when i am doing activities I listen to it to boost my energy.

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Post by Lutius » 03 May 2018, 14:33

The best song I listen to why studying is hip hop, most especially when am practicing mathematics

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Post by adoredenise » 03 May 2018, 17:13

the best music to listen to while you study is soft music. when i listen to hype music ill forget what im doing be all in my zone and ill stop studying. now however if i listen to soft music ill be in my little zone taking the time to look at what im studying

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Post by shaeeraquel5 » 30 Jul 2018, 09:29

When I think of the best music to study to, I think of XXYYXX. This is artist(s) that make music to vibe to. This music can be found on Pandora, YouTube, Spotify, etc.

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Post by Himezo14 » 01 Aug 2018, 04:42

When studying, listening to music is one good thing to help you concentrate, but only music with no lyrics, so preferably classical music or instrumentals because the lyrics will just be a distraction in concentration and words will just jumble in mind.

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Post by khall1395 » 01 Aug 2018, 18:53

It's more of a sound effect than music, but I found Hogwarts sound effects on Youtube. There, it can sound like I'm studying in the Hufflepuff common room or the Hogwarts library. Other times, I enjoy listening to the Harry Potter soundtrack.

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