What Type of Music Do You Enjoy Listening to While Reading?

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Namanya Gidion
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Re: What Type of Music Do You Enjoy Listening to While Reading?

Post by Namanya Gidion » 20 Jun 2018, 02:55

I really enjoy country music when am reading a book and I was reading Romeo and Juliet book while listening to sacrifice by sir Elton Johns ,it was so amazing .

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Emmanuel kanyika
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Post by Emmanuel kanyika » 20 Jun 2018, 06:40

I enjoy listing to Gospel music while reading :techie-studyinggray: [amazon=][/amazon]

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Post by Sylstalon » 20 Jun 2018, 11:04

Really , I like music like crazy. And while I'm reading motivational books, I prefer to listen to Country music mainly of Son Williams
It's not easy to read while listening music but for me it's a good way to focus on what I'm reading at the moment without interruption from the environment like cars or noise of surrounding people.

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Post by olawalejoshua » 04 Jul 2018, 18:16

i love listen to rapping,kanye west,wizkalifa,ace hood,dj khaled

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Post by alexpet » 05 Jul 2018, 05:55

i love chris brown,rick ross,meek mill,drake,tyga,tory lanez young m a

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Post by StarkidStarling » 05 Jul 2018, 09:41

I really only listen to soundtracks to musicals. I used to listen to Top 40 and Country music, but I just don't find those as engaging anymore.

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felliane 2018
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Post by felliane 2018 » 05 Jul 2018, 18:41

My hobbies like reading and writing were not complete without music playing in the background. I really love listening to the songs by hebe tien, spexial, Brett Young, Ed Sheeran, Rachelle Plattens and many more.Listening to music make my day complete.

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Post by Vanessa1234 » 06 Jul 2018, 23:30

I love reading and music! So when i'm reading books i usually play a very calm and light music. Which makes me relax and happy. I preffer to play classical music while reading.

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Post by Emeraldprincess » 07 Jul 2018, 10:08

Soft Classical arias and instrumental music makes reading enjoyable for me.

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Post by marxious101 » 07 Jul 2018, 11:04

I do like listening to music while reading books or article. In my phone I do have kpop music, some are ballad and some are upbeat. Everytime I read a book I always open my music library and create a playlist that suit to the book that I'm reading. Example, when it is a romance I prefer to listen "Inferiority Complex", while if its adventure I mostly listen to "Navillera" or " Time for the moon night". Sometimes I listen to the instrumental version of these songs so I can focus clearly.

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Post by Sarkoxy » 08 Jul 2018, 14:17

I can understand that for some people listening to music while reading can be distracting but if the music is calm and sweet the it can automatically uprise the readers mood and due to this the reader may read even more than he planed to.

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Emperor josephs
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Post by Emperor josephs » 10 Jul 2018, 17:52

Adele and West Life songs.

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Post by Storm+ » 10 Jul 2018, 18:31

I don't usually listen to music when I read, but when I do, it tends to be classical music. It makes it easier for me to focus.

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Post by Daviesmurf » 16 Jul 2018, 18:54

music does it everytime except when am reading, i can't just bring both to balance

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Post by EmeraldEyes8918 » 25 Jul 2018, 05:08

Classical music such as Vivaldi, Chopin and Mozart, and usually involving just the piano or the violin. Orchestral pieces tend to be too distracting.

I also love listening to the Vitamin String Quartet, a four piece band who do classical covers of contemporary songs, which have been a feature of my reading and study playlists for years now.

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