Does music help you write?

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Does music help you write?

Post by earthkid » 06 May 2009, 14:55

Basic question. :D

For me, if it's lyricless, generally classical music reaaaaaaally helps me brainstorm.

What about you?

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Post by billrainier » 06 May 2009, 21:26

I helps somehow, you will have ideas from the song.

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Post by lea454 » 08 May 2009, 02:16

Each one us has it's differences. For me, music does not help me to think and write. I like silence so that I can think well.

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Post by sharon.gmc » 08 May 2009, 02:44

classical music helps me write.

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Post by flashgordon » 08 May 2009, 17:20

Yep, I always have music on. As long as it is not too loud, I can block it out and it just acts like background noise.

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Post by Mer_Blackwood » 27 May 2009, 14:25

I can listen to music without words, not too loud, if I'm writing prose. Music has inspired my poems, but I don't listen to anything while I'm writing it. I don't want any interference with the rhythm.

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Post by jhdogtraining » 04 Jun 2009, 14:24

When I write something, I always listen to classical and instrumental music. It helps me think and the room is filled with coziness.

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Post by ebookman568 » 04 Jun 2009, 21:48

yes classical music is definitely a huge helper when it comes to writing

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Post by Loops » 20 Jul 2009, 20:59

I put together playlists that keep me in deep thought. I know the songs well enough that the lyrics aren't distracting. The whole ambiance creates a mood where I can lose track of time and get absorbed in what I'm writing about.

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Post by macro01 » 17 Aug 2009, 09:01

It depends on the kind of music. I like classical
music. And hate rock music can't focus my mind
It doesn't help me, it will only distract my mood.

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Post by The Mythwriter » 28 Aug 2009, 21:27

Pipe organ music. Yes I am weird.
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Post by selfer » 09 Sep 2009, 19:38

Yeah, I don't like to tell my guy friends, but writing to Enya is somehow incredible. :)

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Post by Doc » 10 Sep 2009, 11:22

Ambient music helps me focus, what also comes to mind is the CD "Moon Safari" by air, and the song called Sol Solis by Moving Mountains. I always found with classical I would start ignoring my writing to enjoy the music, same goes for rock and so on, it needs to be light and unintrusive.

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Post by LauraH » 11 Sep 2009, 10:34

I use The Smashing Pumpkins "Ava Adore" cd to write. That cd always gets my brain going.

I can't write in silence. Too quiet!

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Post by alimena » 28 Oct 2009, 10:59

Of course.

Sometimes the right song will give you the inspiration you need to write. You can create stories from just one line of the lyrics og the song if your eally like it so much, believe me.

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