Songs that Made You Cry

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Re: Songs that Made You Cry

Post by viennablackdale1 » 15 Jan 2017, 15:20

The Scientist by Coldplay
Not About Angels by Birdy
Ruby by Twenty One Pilots

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Post by mewsmash » 16 Jan 2017, 10:05

Mad World by Gary Jules always makes me tear up a little. I don't even relate to the lyrics that much, but every time I listen I can hear the sadness of the singer.

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Post by Reigning » 31 Jan 2017, 16:29

Oh my, quite a few I turn into a blubbering mess while listening to it. Christmas shoes, concrete angel, independence day etc

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Post by EmperorOfBooks » 21 Feb 2017, 19:30

Asleep by The Smiths gets me every time. It's such a good song, but when you realize what the lyrics really mean, they really get you thinking.

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Post by RonakP » 26 Feb 2017, 01:12

Never cried to a song but one that really moved me was Another Love by Tom Odell

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Post by Lincoln » 21 Mar 2017, 07:51

Timea wrote:So, I was wandering... did a song make anyone else cry?

It happened to me with a few : P

Cheers Darlin' - Damien Rice
Love Her - Seether
Some make me really emotional, but not usually enough to start crying. I've come close, though.
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Post by Exavia » 23 Mar 2017, 10:27

"Satisfied" and "Burn" from Hamilton

That's all I can remember for now...

-- 23 Mar 2017, 10:28 --
crashlee012 wrote:When Somebody Loved Me from Toy Story 2 never fails to make me cry
Ugh. Me too!

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Post by Kellic Quentes » 26 Apr 2017, 04:07

Hold on till may by pierce the veil

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Post by Margzipan » 26 Apr 2017, 09:57

crashlee012 wrote:When Somebody Loved Me from Toy Story 2 never fails to make me cry
I'm so glad I'm not the only one :)

"I Choose You" by Sara Bareilles gets me every time. Someday I hope I can play this at my wedding.

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Post by normindrasarawi » 30 Apr 2017, 05:39

In Loving Memory (Alter bridge), Everybody Hurts (R.E.M.), and My Immortal (Evanescence) were really a sad song that reaches my heart and it made me want to cry.

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Post by Rannoush » 30 Apr 2017, 18:23

Adele when we were young
Actually all her songs ......So soft

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Post by csimmons032 » 03 May 2017, 23:23

I recently heard the song my heart will go on on my Pandora channel, and that song made me cry. I automatically think of the Titanic movie when I hear that song.

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manju Rai
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Post by manju Rai » 04 May 2017, 02:24

There are many songs that make me cry, but here I listed only two of them:

1. A Tale of An Elderly Couple by Kim Kwang Seok: Exceptionally touching for me, as it talks about our parents. I am really thankful for mine, and I always sense like I haven't done much for them. This just gets me emotional.

2. And this Indian “Lunkachippi” song sung by A.R. Rehman and Lata Mangeshkar when the singer sings that I've got everything here Mom, but I still feel lone without you…

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Post by Exavia » 16 Nov 2017, 00:49

is it too late to bring this thread back to life...?

"Love Like You" by Rebecca Sugar (end theme for Steven Universe) really gets to me. Also, "One Summer's Day" from Spirited Away... such beautiful songs...

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Post by Lincolnshirelass » 16 Nov 2017, 05:22

'Bright Eyes'.
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