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Are you a songwriter?

This is the place for readers of poetry. Discuss poetry and literary art. You can also discuss music here, including lyrics. Also, you can discuss poets themselves, in addition to poetry.

Re: Are you a songwriter?

Post Number:#16 by Peters Ekene Eunice
» 05 Sep 2017, 03:47

Not really a song writer but have this burning passion for poetry. I can actually compose poem on any topic in an instant, it's just a thing of holding a pen and a paper and it flows from within just like that.
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Peters Ekene Eunice
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Re: Are you a songwriter?

Post Number:#17 by Wesono
» 05 Sep 2017, 04:48

I wish I could be a good song writer. I managed to write a song some time ago but I feel the lyrics are not good enough. I'm however a singer.
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Re: Are you a songwriter?

Post Number:#18 by Julez
» 13 Sep 2017, 02:26

I'm always writing songs but I'm just not brave enough to let the world see it. I hope I can be brave like you one day.
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Re: Are you a songwriter?

Post Number:#19 by Karen0823
» 24 Sep 2017, 11:05

In high school I used to go to a coffee shop and smoke cigarettes, drink coffee, and write song lyrics on napkins. Ah, those were the days. I feel like I had a couple of winners and my dream at the time was to become a musician. Well, that didn't pan out but I still find myself jotting down lyrics that pop into my head to this day. It's just a past time, similar to journaling for me. Just a way to get it out of my head what is in my heart.
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Re: Are you a songwriter?

Post Number:#20 by Nick Rones
» 27 Sep 2017, 15:45

I am a song writer, yes
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Nick Rones
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