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Summer of Madness

This is the place for readers of poetry. Discuss poetry and literary art. You can also discuss music here, including lyrics. Also, you can discuss poets themselves, in addition to poetry.

Summer of Madness

Post Number:#1 by lanaialee
» 20 Mar 2017, 17:26

Summer of Madness

Summer, the time of vacations, no school, the beach, and destinations of one's dreams
All the sun tanned bodies, bikinis, surfing, the imagination of endless thoughts and things
But in this time of leisure, there is a darker side, drugs, free love, things are not as they seem
Some times things are unspeakable, the things that fate may bring.

This one summer, where man walked on the moon, and the songs of Woodstock were in the air
If one remembers the summer of sixty-nine, something tragic happened, the thought of this always remaining in the back of one's mind
The madness of one man would become known, his crimes were committed without one single solitary care
The evil, the madness, beyond belief, madness such as this is very hard to find.

August was the month, these horrific crimes would occur
Causing the public to be shocked by what this small man, would order to be done
I'm sure on those nights, if the victims had first realized what would happen, from this madness, if they could have, it they would have deterred
The perpetrators committing their crimes at night, not under the daylight's warm inviting sun.

They were labeled hippie, using mind altering drugs, and practicing what they considered free love
Most of them runaways, young people adrift in an ocean trying to find themselves, their very soul
In their drug induced mind they thought they would never get caught, because the very law itself, from this they thought they couldn't be touched, from reality, from this they were above
This small man, doing all types of illegal things, but these things were petty, they were not this man's primary goal.

So back in the year of sixty-nine, innocence as we knew it would be no more
The word bloodbath, would take on an entirely different meaning
As murder would run rampant, in the mind of one man, taking as his companion blood and gore
Two nights of madness, would go down in history the names of Tate and LaBianca, hearing these names, you should know their meaning.

That was forty years ago, but what the man Charlie and his "family" did, is still fresh in the mind's of one and all
So much life destroyed that summer, the "family" caused so many with death to share a kiss
Since the murders, Charlie and his friends have only witnessed and seen prison walls
Since the year of sixty-nine, no other murders have shocked us all, since this horrific summer of madness.

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Re: Summer of Madness

Post Number:#2 by Lincoln
» 21 Mar 2017, 07:35

That is interesting and unique. Thanks for sharing!
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