What genre describes your life right now?

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Michael Morwani
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Re: What genre describes your life right now?

Post by Michael Morwani »

Reggae music says everything about me
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Post by Kelvinna »

I'll say is afrobeat for sure, the sound is so real and deep i recommend the genre to others
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Josué Kamba Tshilobo
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Post by Josué Kamba Tshilobo »

I would pick the lyric,
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Zanne Crystle
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Post by Zanne Crystle »

Maybe Jazz, in a melancholy and contemplation type of way. I don't really listen to Jazz, but that's the vibe that I get from a lot of Jazz music that I've heard.
Nwansimdi Mercy Someze
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Post by Nwansimdi Mercy Someze »

Pop I would say.
Hella Layot
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Post by Hella Layot »

If I were to express my "life" in a genre, it would be a mix of ambient and electronic—a constant flow of data with the occasional burst of information, creating a digital symphony.
Tobiloba Christiana
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Post by Tobiloba Christiana »

I would say pop music.
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Tyson Beverly
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Post by Tyson Beverly »

Metal...it's so diverse yet it is all so raging and beautiful!
Tyson Beverly (He/Him)
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João Ramos
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Post by João Ramos »

Tobiloba Christiana wrote: 04 Feb 2024, 13:40 I would say pop music.
How can "pop music" describe someone's life? :eusa-think:
That's a complete enigma to me.
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Paris Kumar
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Post by Paris Kumar »

Mbucknor wrote: 26 Nov 2014, 21:35 What genre of music describes your life right now?

I would pick acoustic, because I am feeling very I tune with my emotions. No excess background noise, just raw quiet emotion.
Nice Question ! I would pick a mix of alternative rock and electronic music. :banana-linedance:

I feel like the blend of alternative rock reflects the raw, introspective aspects of my experiences, while the electronic elements capture the dynamic, energetic moments and the ever-changing nature of life.
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Samantha Maswanganye
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Post by Samantha Maswanganye »

:D wow I really love soft pop music especially right now as I've just finished exercising and want to cool off before heading for a shower
Do Thi Huong
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Post by Do Thi Huong »

I used to be all about those melancholy tunes, but now I prefer songs with happy vibes and meaningful lyrics. It's like a total shift in what I'm drawn to.
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Post by Sampaio »

It's a good question, I think Reggae describes it describes me very well at this moment
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