Does music influences you emotionally?

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Re: Does music influences you emotionally?

Post by celesvik »

So a profound way. They put my thoughts and feelings into words when i don't sometimes...
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Ashley Malia
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Post by Ashley Malia »

Music does most when I am experiencing a significant amount of emotion such as anxiety, anger, sadness, happy, etc. If I am just in a car driving to the grocery store I would rather put on an audiobook or a Youtube video.
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Alexandur Gicov
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Post by Alexandur Gicov »

More or less, yes, it affects me depending on the mood at a particular time!
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Post by Meenahhhh »

Yes. Music works as therapy for me most times.
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Post by Juliwang »

So much😔😔
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Post by Brunette2 »

Yes musisc for sure helps me alot when mad at something I like to some kind of music that eases my feeling
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Post by Ibunyi »

Some songs bring out raw emotions in people. One of the many in my list, is Violent crimes by Kanye west.
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AnnaMarie Collins
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Post by AnnaMarie Collins »

Yes! I actually have to be really careful about what music I'm exposed to regularly. Certain sad songs will completely ruin my day. For example, I absolutely can not listen to Mad World by Gary Jules. It makes me so sad!
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Post by saschaterwel516 »

I have a playlist that caters to what I feel everyday. I am very shy to express my emotions and music is one of the things that helps me vent/freely express what I feel.
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Post by _msoo10 »

Music really helps me emotionally and that's why I have different kind of music depending on my mood and feeling
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Luna Grace
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Post by Luna Grace »

I absolutely think music influences me emotionally. There are songs that bring up memories or speak to a current situation that I am going through and it greatly impacts me.
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Jen Nghishitende
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Post by Jen Nghishitende »

absolutely!!! Music plays a big role in my emotional phases - I listen to sad music when I am sad and it actually make me feel better, lol. Also, I love listening to feel good music when I am in a good mood!!
kasedy Fairbairn
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Post by kasedy Fairbairn »

Absolutely. What I listen to is always based on my mood. When i am angry for example, I listen to heavy metal because it calms me down. My Autistic son is the same way. If he is having a meltdown and you put on any kind of heavy metal, he calms right down.
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Post by Carly-Rose »

This reminds me of the Hans Christian Andersen quote, "Where words fail, music speaks."
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Post by solossan »

Of course, always. But it also depends on the tone as well as the type of music.
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