Songs in Repeat mode

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Songs in Repeat mode

Post by Tonze »

Does it happens to you to set your radio or any other electronic device you use to listen music in a repeat mode?if yes
For example me when I am jogging, I like to set my device in repeat mode so that I can listen the music repeatedly.
Or when I am in love with particular songs I can listen to them more than once even up to 5 repeat till I feel satisfied.
Eriny Youssef
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Post by Eriny Youssef »

The Unforgiven, all three parts
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Post by Iconicsmt »

I like to do this for fun sometimes. If I listen to a song repeatedly in one sitting but play a different song or 2 in between, then go back to the initial song, it sounds the same as always. But if I listen to it repeatedly one time after another with no breaks, most of the time I start to pick up on vocal inflections or beat drops that I hadn’t noticed before. It’s pretty fascinating.
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Post by Melexa »

Yes, I do that a lot.
Mostly it's when I find a new song I'm crazy about; I play that song on repeat until a new favourite comes along.
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Post by EReid »

If I find a new band/album I like, I'll sometimes put that on repeat. I rarely put one song on repeat. I get impatient when it starts again because it's not in the good part yet.
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Post by raiyan67 »

I always search for underdog rock bands, Sometimes they just makes me to do this <3
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