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Discuss the October 2015 book of the month Free Fish Friday by Lee Stone
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Re: Children's Decisions

Post by Lil Reads » 11 Jul 2018, 22:55

Sometimes the traditional way of leaning something or being taught something, doesn't work for everyone, so alternative methods are developed. It is similar to the rhymes created to teach spelling rules (e.g. 'I before E') or history (e.g. 'In 1492 Columbus sailed'). I think that if Slacker's parents or teachers had been able to frame schoolwork or chores in terms of fishing, he might have been more receptive to doing things besides fishing.

For example, if Slacker was struggling with math, give him problems related to fishing, such as seeing how many fish he would catch per month if he caught fish at regular intervals or show him how to budget by showing him how much money he could be paid per pound of fish versus how much money it would take to maintain a boat, a crew, and supplies.

If he struggled in reading, offer him a biography from a fisherman or stories about fishing.

Science can be taught by examining fish remains and observing fish in the water.
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