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Member of the Month Nomination: Ant

A forum to announce and congratulate the Member of the Month (MOTM).

Re: Member of the Month Nomination: Ant

Post Number:#16 by Gravy
» 11 Aug 2016, 22:00

DATo wrote:Do you guys realize that at the end of August we will have completed one full year of Member Of The Month selections?

Where does the time go?

I think it is appropriate that Ant is the MOTM for August because as we all know ants are most prolific in hot months like August. I like OUR Ant very much but I am usually not a big fan of ants in general. Just this morning a wild gaggle of them ran off with my plate of French toast, and to add insult to injury they were all giggling as they ran away.

[:- (


You should never leave a plate unattended on a cartoon picnic blanket :eusa-naughty:

Also, you're right! :shock:
Wasn't it just Christmas?! Wasn't it just cold out?!
Time has very strong wings.
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Re: Member of the Month Nomination: Ant

Post Number:#17 by gali
» 11 Aug 2016, 22:42

A year already?? Wow! :happy-cheerleaderkid:
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Re: Member of the Month Nomination: Ant

Post Number:#18 by hsimone
» 12 Aug 2016, 07:21

That is pretty awesome! :D
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Re: Member of the Month Nomination: Ant

Post Number:#19 by Amh73090
» 16 Aug 2016, 18:33

Congratulations on being motm.
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Re: Member of the Month Nomination: Ant

Post Number:#20 by Riddhi Solanki
» 02 Jun 2017, 05:29

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