MOTM November 2022: Stephanie Elizabeth

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Melissa Jane
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MOTM November 2022: Stephanie Elizabeth

Post by Melissa Jane »

As usual, a new month comes with a new member of the month. Please join me in congratulating Stephanie Elizabeth on becoming this month's member of the month. Stephanie enjoys reading character-driven novels, especially those about relationships. She has been very helpful to both new and experienced reviewers by leaving well-thought comments on their reviews. She has also been active in both the review team support forum and the public suggestions forum.

Congratulations, @Stephanie Elizabeth!
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Kendal Low
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Post by Kendal Low »

Congrats Stephanie! Member of the month sounds very well deserved! :D
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Faisal Kurfi
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Post by Faisal Kurfi »

Congratulations @Stephanie Elizabeth, I look forward to learning from your experience, thoughtful comments and well-constructed book reviews.
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Jeminah Jeremie
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Post by Jeminah Jeremie »

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Cheers with a dancing bananas.
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Krista Clark Grabowski
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Post by Krista Clark Grabowski »

Congrats, Stephanie!
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Hellen Muriithi
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Post by Hellen Muriithi »

Congratulations Stephanie, it is well deserved!
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Zainab Wasif
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Post by Zainab Wasif »

Congratulations Stephanie! 🥳🎉Thanks for helping out fellow reviewers with your views and comments. I hope to learn from you.
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Post by Molz_20 »

Congratulations Stephanie!
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Emily Olomiye
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Post by Emily Olomiye »

Congrats!! Well deserved!
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Joy Quaye
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Post by Joy Quaye »

Congratulations Stephanie
Kenneth Onyenwe
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Post by Kenneth Onyenwe »

Congratulations Stephanie, well deserved!
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diana lowery
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Post by diana lowery »

:happy-smileyinthebox: Congratulations. I always look forward to the first day of the month to find out who will hold the title. I was excited to see your name pop up.
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Post by NetMassimo »

Congratulations, @Stephanie Elizabeth for your well-deserved award! :tiphat:
Ciao :)
Cristina Corui Mihailescu
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Post by Cristina Corui Mihailescu »

Congrats, Stephanie! It means you really love reading and writing!
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Amy Luman
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Post by Amy Luman »

Good for you, Stephanie!
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