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MOTM September 2017: StoppoppingtheP

A forum to announce and congratulate the Member of the Month (MOTM).

Re: MOTM September 2017: StoppoppingtheP

Post Number:#16 by geoffrey ngoima
» 07 Sep 2017, 00:30

Wow, how many prices do you guys have???

-- 07 Sep 2017, 00:35 --

stoppoppingtheP wrote:
Miriam Molina wrote:Congratulations, StoppoppingtheP! I first met you via your 4-star review of Children of Covenant, then BOTD. I read the book because it was free and because of the good rating you gave. Both the book and your review deserve 4 stars. In that review, you mentioned that you despised prejudices (although you sometimes succumbed, like the rest of us mortals).

Thank you for sharing more about yourself, despite your being a private person. I am curious, though, if you can share about your screen name. That is if it is not too private.

Again, Congratulations! You MOTM inspire me.

Thank you so much for your great comment. :D

My screen name is StoppoppingtheP. This is because I used to read a lot of books by indie authors on some online websites, and many of them had a repetitive way of writing. One thing that so many of them would do was to write the sentence: "'Yup', she said, popping the P", or something to this effect.
I eventually got so annoyed at reading this sentence over and over in these books because it made the writing less original and imaginative. So that's the short story of my screen name. I know that it's a strange name, but that was the mood I was in at that time. If I had to change it I don't know what I would choose now. :wink2:

A very interesting bit of history you have there. I'm very interested in further reading your work. :tiphat:
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geoffrey ngoima
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Re: MOTM September 2017: StoppoppingtheP

Post Number:#17 by BunmiJimoh
» 07 Sep 2017, 15:51

Congratulations, keep up the good work.
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Re: MOTM September 2017: StoppoppingtheP

Post Number:#18 by Vivian Paschal
» 13 Sep 2017, 08:13

Congratulations StoppoppingtheP. This is well deserved. Wear your crown like the queen that you are, and keep on being so wonderful! Thanks for being one of us!
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Vivian Paschal
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Re: MOTM September 2017: StoppoppingtheP

Post Number:#19 by kislany
» 22 Sep 2017, 14:46

Congratulations, well deserved. Had a chuckle reading the story of how you got your screen name :)
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Member of the Month
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Re: MOTM September 2017: StoppoppingtheP

Post Number:#20 by BoyLazy
» 30 Sep 2017, 02:21

Be lazy..
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