Official Review: The Wicked Wives by Gus Pelagatti

Discuss the July 2015 book of the month, The Wicked Wives: A Novel Based on a True Story by Gus Pelagatti.
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Re: Official Review: The Wicked Wives by Gus Pelagatti

Post by Georgegood » 14 Jul 2017, 16:27

This review has the curiosity buds watering,I hopethat 4 star rating doesn't disapoint :techie-studyinggray:

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Post by bookowlie » 14 Jul 2017, 18:56

Thanks for the feedback! One of the most interesting things about the book is it's based on a true scandal.
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Judith Chepkoeir
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Post by Judith Chepkoeir » 17 Jul 2017, 17:25

Great review. This tailor must have been a real lady's love, no wonder they didn't think twice when murdering their husbands.

Can't wait to read the book.

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Post by Soumeg » 20 Jul 2017, 23:29

After going through your review, I feel that the book has a lot to offer and the author has managed to create the thriller and suspense as required for the genre to become successful. Your review has given useful insight, which is appreciated.
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eileen warui
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Post by eileen warui » 03 Aug 2017, 03:22

This book is AWSOME the lies ,deception love for money,romance,greed,gossip and of course the wicked women the book is sensational inspirational and lots of lessons can be drawn from this book each character defines themselves in their own way.. I can read it this book again and again it's a 4/4

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Post by Israel Adegboye » 06 Aug 2017, 06:28

A nice review. Maybe the subtitle should read Evil.
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Titus Michael
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Post by Titus Michael » 06 Aug 2017, 14:42

Such an interesting review. Really would want to go through the book.

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Post by micarida » 31 Aug 2017, 17:15

My God women can be indeed vicious. I would most definitely like to see how this tale unfolds.
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Post by Reyjean082998 » 06 Sep 2017, 23:12

This book is so interesting, congrats to the. Author for having a 4 star
But you know killing your husband for insurance money is very wrong
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Post by IDUH ABRAHAM » 09 Sep 2017, 14:54


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Post by Riptidemom8 » 22 Sep 2017, 12:34

Great review! Must add this to my must-read list.
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Saheed Baba Yusuf
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Post by Saheed Baba Yusuf » 05 Oct 2017, 11:15

Even though I haven't read the book, the review, gave me an insight of the story line, it sound interesting and I'll love to the read book.

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Gladys Chris mburu
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Post by Gladys Chris mburu » 05 Oct 2017, 11:55

This an amazing book at the glance of the title I thought it was all about drama of women and how wicked they had being to their husbands but on reading it the scenes of murder of their husband's for insurance money made me glued to it more and read it more.
The author did a great job congrats!!
Despite the so many characters in the book the author without so much problem interwoven them and make the story one.
However my love for cases and murder cases made me finish the book to see the verdict's.

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Post by Kay168 » 06 Oct 2017, 07:33

The review just makes me salivate :P I so want to get my hands on this book.
Good author, appetizing book, great review- it's a must read!

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Post by kandscreeley » 06 Oct 2017, 07:49

I keep watching this pop-up on the new post feed and I finally decided to see why this one has gotten so many comments. Now, I see why. It does sound like quite the interesting tale made all the more intriguing as it is based on a true story. You are right about the title. I think I was imaging more of a like a Stepford Wives type story! Great review! Now I will have to look into this one.
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