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How to improve your grammar?

Some grammar rules (and embarrassing mistakes!) transcend the uniqueness of different regions and style guides. This new International Grammar section by ultimately identifies those rules thus providing a simple, flexible rule-set, respecting the differences between regions and style guides. You can feel free to ask general questions about spelling and grammar. You can also provide example sentences for other members to proofread and inform you of any grammar mistakes.

Re: How to improve your grammar?

Post Number:#31 by mratdegraff91
» 14 Jan 2017, 21:56

I find this an interesting and helpful topic. My husband is a grammar fanatic and is always giving me a hard time when I mispronounce something or leave out punctuation in my writing. I will be putting some of the advice expressed here to good use.
Madison Degraffenreid
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Re: How to improve your grammar?

Post Number:#32 by mewsmash
» 21 Jan 2017, 21:43

Sadly, the main tip with English grammar is memorization. There's often no rhyme or reason, you just have to read the rules and learn them.
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Re: How to improve your grammar?

Post Number:#33 by nightnurse
» 01 Feb 2017, 16:48

This is a good question, how does some one improve a life time of incorrect grammar and punctuation errors. Have been out of school for 40+ years and I was an A student in English class back then. Trying to remember what I learned but I am making a lot of mistakes now. At least I am learning from my mistakes and this site is making me a better writer (of reviews). Keep me on my toes editors when you point out my mistakes you are teaching me how to do a better job. Thank You.
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Re: How to improve your grammar?

Post Number:#34 by karolinka
» 16 Feb 2017, 15:59

There are many online grammar refresher courses that you can take to improve your language, as well as many helpful books on amazon. One good site is removed by mod they have everything from writing, grammar, and computer classes where you can improve your skills.
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Re: How to improve your grammar?

Post Number:#35 by ptolia_999
» 24 Feb 2017, 17:38

Read Books, Read & Read...! They will never let you down...! Oo dont forget to check for pronunciation too...!
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Re: How to improve your grammar?

Post Number:#36 by Lovela
» 12 Mar 2017, 11:31

In order to speak grammatically correct,I am sure that one should learn not words,not rules, but grammar structures.Using them in every day speech is very inportant too. When I was a student our teachers made us to read the works of W.S.Maugham and O.Wilde.These writers were worth reading.Their grammar was perfect! I found out, that my language improved greately after I had read these books.
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Re: How to improve your grammar?

Post Number:#37 by CatInTheHat
» 12 Mar 2017, 11:50

Reading and writing on a regular basis will help improve both grammar and overall writing skills.
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Re: How to improve your grammar?

Post Number:#38 by justiceuma
» 10 Jul 2017, 03:44

Ok, if you are reading me now, then listen, we often say practice makes perfect, very wrong though, yet regular practice brings about streaks of improvement in what ever you put your mind into. Your passion for English is admirable, however, you must read aloud and along sometimes to improve your accent and a course on oral English will help too
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