Commas and Coordinating Conjunctions (Full Guide with Examples and Sources)

Some grammar rules (and embarrassing mistakes!) transcend the uniqueness of different regions and style guides. This new International Grammar section by ultimately identifies those rules thus providing a simple, flexible rule-set, respecting the differences between regions and style guides. You can feel free to ask general questions about spelling and grammar. You can also provide example sentences for other members to proofread and inform you of any grammar mistakes.

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Meghan Soderholm
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Re: Commas and Coordinating Conjunctions (Full Guide with Examples and Sources)

Post by Meghan Soderholm »

Thank you so much for creating this forum. Commas are a struggle and the examples answered my questions. Also, thank you for the other resources links. I feel more confident in my future reviews.
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Christopher Sublett
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Post by Christopher Sublett »

It has been a long time since I have graduated from high school, but the lessons given here are excellent. I feel like I am back in grammar class for writing an essay. I did remember a few things that you pointed out.
The best thing is that I learned something new about the Oxford comma.

Kudos to the training!
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Odichimma Okoye
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Post by Odichimma Okoye »

Well, I'm glad I was able to learn something useful tonight.
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Alida Spies
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Post by Alida Spies »

Would it not make sense to change the rules so that they correspond from the perspective of reviewers reviewing authors' books and editors reviewing reviewers' reviews? In other words, editors would not list commas as errors unless it changes the meaning of the sentence. Does the usage of commas really improve the quality of the review?
Geremew Dubale
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Post by Geremew Dubale »

wow! amazing description with examples
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Nancy Kilkenny Barnhart
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Post by Nancy Kilkenny Barnhart »

I am always using too many commas and this tutorial will really help. Thanks for this information and detail.
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Sasikala gupta
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Post by Sasikala gupta »

Thank you I really needed this. Always loosing marks because of comma.
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NJ Emnacen
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Post by NJ Emnacen »

Thank you for this post! Your guide is extremely helpful for me (a newbie reviewer). I will keep this in mind when I write book reviews in the future.
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Gerry Steen
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Post by Gerry Steen »

Scott, I will definitely benefit from perusing the resources given. When and when not to use a comma for some reason is still a problem for me to solve. Thank you!
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