As an editor, I respectfully HATE commas

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Kelsey Roy
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As an editor, I respectfully HATE commas

Post by Kelsey Roy »

I try really hard to be fair and consistent when editing reviews. The one thing I always get caught up on is comma usage. What I would like to know: is comma usage entirely subjective? Meaning, is marking any comma usage as an error is unfair? Are there only certain comma rules that are objective? If I am not 100% sure of a grammar rule, I try to look it up and have proof before marking anything as incorrect. Yet, I still find myself with discrepancies and recheck requests for my "subjective and opinion-based" editing. I always try to err on the side of no error when questioned, but I'm discouraged!

I know this is probably not possible, but I wish there was a hard and fast guide for comma/punctuation errors. In the mean time, I will continue to research and cry! (JK :lol2: )
Pamela Lindenau
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Post by Pamela Lindenau »

Thank you for sharing your opinion on commas. When reading a book, I find many unnecessary commas and unsure if I should add my findings to the error forms. As a reader I do prefer commas then the over use of and or nor, or that sentence that goes on and on an on and on. :D
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Leslie Kunde
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Post by Leslie Kunde »

I am ready to throw books at times. Commas are a pain. I have alway written using commas where I want a reader to pause. This had me in honors english for all 4 years of collage.Now well.... I can't even write a review without messing the commas up.I guess this is what happens when you stop writing for over 20 years.
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Alida Spies
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Post by Alida Spies »

Reviewers are encouraged to ignore commas when reviewing books. Why can't the same guideline apply to editors? Unless a comma changes the meaning or its absence makes it difficult to understand the meaning of the sentence, ignore it. I know we strive for excellence and want this forum to portray our professionalism, but two different editors will hold totally different views on commas. As a reviewer, one can't win. If one makes one editor happy the other one identifies it as an error. It only serves to make reviewers despondent.
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