Featured Review: The Message? by Avam Hale

Discuss the June 2015 book of the month, "The Message?" by Avam Hale.
Nivi Gideon
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Re: Featured Review: The Message? by Avam Hale

Post by Nivi Gideon »

Intrigued! Definitely want to check this one out.

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Post by NicholetH »

This book looks really interesting. Would like to see what happens when Leah tries to spread the word and message she recieved while in a coma. Veey good review.

Agnes Masobeng
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Post by Agnes Masobeng »

To actually find out that this book portrays a life of someone who believed in God after her experiences, the creepy eye of the book cover does not sync with the message.
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Post by srividyag1 »

The question mark at the end of the title is curious. It's good to know that the book endorses spirituality without adhering to any particular religion. Thanks for the review!
- Srividya Giri
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Post by FREDFDK »

Alright...Good review .

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Post by Daniel_ »

Lovely book, lovely review. I like the plot of this book, and I will love to read it too.

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Post by MatereF »

Our eyes are the windows to our souls. I love the cover of the book and the fact that the author reminds us that regardless of our religious and political affiliations or whatever philosophy we choose to believe in, God loves us unconditionally and expects us to love others as well. Great review.
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Post by Jbcitygirl »

Thank you for sharing your review with us. I quite enjoyed the philosophical aspect of this book and I am keen to keep reading after the sample. Your review is insightful and I like that you point out the complexity of the characters should not be underestimated by a short review. Well done!

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Post by J_odoyo »

This book sounds like an interesting one. The interesting characters involved and the ideas about religion, politics, economics, and philosophy will greatly attract my attention. To me, this is a must-read. Thanks for this insightful review.
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Rahul + kumar
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Post by Rahul + kumar »

This book was very interesting. I took away some knowledge and battle within myself as to which side of fence I found myself, my friends and my family. At times it was a little too political for me but I did enjoy it none the less. I say it is definitely a read for college students who may even learn a thing or two.

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Post by Jen+nik_ »

A well presented review. Sounds pretty interesting too. The question mark to "The message ?" is little intriguing. Probably the author conveys the message through the book and whether we really accept it as a message or not.

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Sam Ibeh
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Post by Sam Ibeh »

The most difficult thing to do is to convince people to do simple things. I like the way the book touched all the challenges that Leah had to go through to pass a simple message of love. Awesome review.

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Post by InStoree »

A mixture of "philosophy, religion, politics, and economics" sounds fascination. It seems that a simple message, such as unconditional love, could create a complex thread in human's life. I'm on board! Thank you for your lovely review!
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Post by sonya01 »

It's quite sweet how you admit to having a crush on Dr. Marcus 😊 ! You presented the summary of this book well, although it wasn't quite what I was expecting from the title. Still, it looks like an interesting read. Many thanks.

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Post by Wyland »

The underlying message of love and selflessness to humanity from our Creator is one that is full of hope and inspiration. We need to take such a message in its simplicity without adulterating it with our human fallibility. Nice review.

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