December 2020 Posting Contest -- Win Two $25 rewards (which will be paid via PayPal)

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December 2020 Posting Contest -- Win Two $25 rewards (which will be paid via PayPal)

Post by gali »

Another two prizes are up for grabs!

Prize 1-- The author of the topic in the December Book of the Month Discussion Forum that gets the most unique replies by the end of December wins $25 (which will be paid via PayPal). :D

Prize 2-- Whoever posts the most combined replies in December on other people's topics overall in the December Book of the Month Discussion Forum wins a $25 (which will be sent via PayPal).

The December Book of the Month is Wilderness Cry by Hilary L Hunt M.D..

Very short topics and posts will not be counted. Off-topic generic, short, repetitive, meaningless or 'fluffy' topics/posts will be deleted by the moderators.

For Prize 1, "unique replies" means replies by different people, not the same person. So, for example, if one person posts four replies on one of your topics, that counts as only one.

Topics must actually be about the book. Overly general discussion topics or topics not really about the book will NOT be approved and will not be counted towards the contest.

Scott is not eligible to win (since it's his own contest).

You can check the current results anytime on the Cool Stats Page.

If you have any questions let me know.

Remember, it's meant to be fun! :D

* You need to read the book to open new threads or discuss topics. Generic/duplicate topics won't be approved.


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Thank you!

If a moderator or admin wins either prize, then Scott will send that person their prize, but he will also send the prize to the next non-moderator/non-admin in line. This way no member can get bumped from getting a prize by a moderator or admin. The reason for this is that he has asked the moderators to be sure to move or delete off-topic threads and posts, so this will make sure the moderators can be strict without it potentially seeming unfair.
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Post by Moocow1213 »

What a great idea, this sounds like such a exciting opportunity for individuals on the online book club. Thankyou to Scott and the moderator team!
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Fozia RYK
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Post by Fozia RYK »

I'm new at this platform and I wouldn't post any replies for the sake of winning prizes but I want to write for self introduction and how now of the review team.
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Post by Glaswa4611 »

I'm also new and am just wandering the site to see what's what. Seems like these little contests are effective in getting people's attention. I need to stop rereading books from my own library and start reading some contemporary publications so I can post about them.
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Post by Suzer6440 xyz »

This is a fantastic idea. I love all the little things going on with this book club
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Post by M1ri0_nt »

I am new here and I love what I am bumping into while wondering the sight. I love reading and it never occurred to me that there are such sights and book clubs online,. Looking forward to this experience.
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Post by ilemoka »

Hello good people. Am new herein and excited at the same time. I hope to learn more and read as many books.
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Ahbed Nadir
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Post by Ahbed Nadir »

This is a fantastic idea. A way to make people interact more with each other and thus booster friendships while also providing a cash incentive? Sign me up ASAP!!
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Post by Shubham20 »

Greeting First off all i like to say big thanks for having me it was great opportunity to know soo many beautiful books and learn most amazing things it was really great idea :D
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Ian Clapperton+254
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Post by Ian Clapperton+254 »

I wanna thank the onlinebookclub for giving as this opportunity to read book 📙 and pay as and most interesting to meet new friends 😉😉
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Sheetal Pathania
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Post by Sheetal Pathania »

What is better than earning through a way you love doing. Great opportunity for everyone out there who really want to do something about their hobby.
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Post by Ubex »

nice I love this platform at least I gain extra knowledge
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Post by car-mbz »

Thank you for the information. I will participate in the contest and hope for a win.
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Post by Sheilaread »

Hello, I just figured out to look around and react and reply to different things and look into these contests to help improve my overall score. Had no idea!!🤷🏻‍♀️
I too am going to start reading the BOTM books and commenting in the correct forum for those as well!
I have just finished my second book review. It’s being reviewed now.
Sounds like fun!
I’m off to see what else I’ve been missing.
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Post by Soumya_kutty »

Nice contest I am new to his platform so just seeing what and all it contain and trying to read a book in short and surfing through genera and I have to start reading a book quickly so that I can post a review about it ... :techie-studyinggray: :techie-studyinggray: this platform seems to be good
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