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Discuss the April 2015 book of the month, "Paper Towns" by John Green.
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John Green's best

Post by Alpha_Betty » 03 Dec 2016, 10:00

I loved Paper Towns. I've read all of John Green's books, some multiple times, and this was by far my favorite. The Fault in Our Stars was huge and amazing, but Paper Towns resonated more strongly with me, as it has with many of my high school library patrons. I loved that it was about ordinary teens (the extraordinary Margot notwithstanding), and their hopes and dreams and how they interact with the world. It works as a coming-of-age novel, a road trip novel, a quest, a comedy and a tragedy. What sticks with me about it is how Quentin comes to the realization that Margot is not, in fact, some intangible goddess, but a regular person with issues and insecurities and questions who's just trying to find her place in the world. That she exists outside his mythology of her. Green invented (or at least popularized) the manic-pixie-dream-girl in Looking for Alaska, and I love that in Paper Towns, he destroys that and makes her a real live young woman.

I thought the movie version was well-done--great script, good pacing, excellent cast--but I was disappointed that certain elements of the book didn't make it into the screenplay. The relationship between Margot and Lacey in particular--that psychological competition that girls so often feel with each other over body image and self-worth was something I loved in the book that didn't quite come across in the film. When I'm recommending books to my students, I always encourage them to read this one before seeing the movie, so they can fill those parts in in their minds. It's a book I recommend all the time, to boys and girls.

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Post by WinkeJ » 15 Jan 2017, 22:09

As a first time reader to this author which book would you recommend to start with?

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Post by JBelkBooks » 04 Mar 2017, 17:39

Out of all of John Green's novels, I have to go with Looking for Alaska as being my favorite. I think it was because I was able to resonate with the characters, but I definitely felt more "connected" with LFA than any of his other novels. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely a Green fan, however Paper Towns is probably my third favorite, the second being TFIOS. (:

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Post by bobRas » 09 Apr 2017, 11:59

There is a theory of the "John Green Effect" going around, that you'll love the first John Green book you read, but hate the second. This thread demonstrates that it isn't as common as those people think.

@WinkeJ I suggest Fault in our Stars

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Post by Naval Aulakh » 09 Jul 2017, 06:15

All the books by John Green are great but my favorite is Fault in Our Stars. It was very emotional. Paper Towns is also very good.
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Post by Londera » 21 Jul 2017, 13:36

I have only read the Fault in Our Stars by him. I have to read the rest of the books

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Post by eelavahs-jay » 28 Sep 2017, 22:38

I've heard so many good things about John Green but I couldn't really get into Fault In Our Stars. Nor did I finish the movie but Looking For Alaska seems promising :)

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Post by GPM » 28 Sep 2017, 23:52

I have only read The Fault in our Stars, but I can see that more readers loved the other books he wrote. Might as well take a look at them.
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Post by jvez » 22 Apr 2018, 06:22

For John Green's works, I'd still go for the Fault in Our Stars, but definitely Paper Towns is a close second.

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Post by Crazybud » 23 Apr 2018, 07:04

Paper Towns happens to be my favorite John Green book followed by Will Grayson, Will Grayson. I wasn't really a fan of The Fault in Our Stars or Looking For Alaska, but I do tend to use the term 'labyrinth of suffering' now and then ;)
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Post by julessawyer » 08 Jul 2018, 01:18

The fault in our stars is my favorite John Green book only because its the only one I've read. But also because I did not want to ruin my love for John Green. I' m actually afraid that his other books will not live up with Fault in Our stars. However after I read what you've written about Paper Towns I'm actually considering reading it. Thanks.

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Julie Green
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Post by Julie Green » 04 Aug 2018, 03:26

I loved The Fault in our Stars too. I have not come across Paper Town but it definitely sounds like one to read.

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Post by deansimpala » 06 Aug 2018, 00:26

"Looking for Alaska" is my favorite John Green book. I read the entire book in one night. The story was emotional and left me both inspired and heartbroken.

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Post by deansimpala » 06 Aug 2018, 00:27

WinkeJ wrote:
15 Jan 2017, 22:09
As a first time reader to this author which book would you recommend to start with?
I would suggest either the fault in our stars or looking for alaska

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Post by acupofsubtletea » 21 Aug 2018, 10:50

Paper Towns is definitely my favorite. I loved the road trip aspect. And as someone who lives in Florida, I really enjoyed recognizing all the references to the area. But I tend to be in the minority when I talk about how much I also adore An Abundance of Katherines, more than TFiOS and Looking for Alaska.

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