Margo's revenge

Discuss the April 2015 book of the month, "Paper Towns" by John Green.
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Re: Margo's revenge

Post by Morgan_Malone » 23 Sep 2015, 09:39

I think that everyone got mostly what they deserved. Lacey was innocent so she didn't really deserved to be punished for anything. However, I do think the whole thing was kind of exaggerated. I understand getting revenge on these people you think have wronged you but what she did was really excessive.
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Post by Genaaa » 10 Sep 2016, 03:03

She definitely may have taken it a little too far with some of the vandalizing and breaking in because of it being illegal. In the end though, she got her revenge and the majority of them got what they deserved.
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Post by gaporter » 19 Jul 2017, 12:35

I think Margo took it way, way too far. I think it's further proof that she believes herself the center of the world. People hurt her, and so they must be absolutely punished. A mature person with some humility would understand that this happens in life, and the best revenge is living well afterwards. Revenge on a cheating boyfriend is hard to resist, but Chuck, while he obviously had his faults, was punished just for the fun of it. Including Quentin in the scheme also feeds into her arrogance by implicating a person with no real connection to the situation. They could have gotten in some serious trouble; she was risking his future for her own selfishness. I don't understand how the cops weren't getting involved. Margo was spray painting her initials and breaking windows and vandalizing cars. The possible repercussions for her and Quentin (he could get kicked out college and have a criminal record!) were inconsequential when compared to thought that some people might get away unscathed after hurting her, Margo Roth Speigelmen, the center of the universe.

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Post by Doaa Wael » 01 Oct 2017, 07:29

I think it was fun to watch as i support anything that has healthy levels of insanity, but if I put myself in her place, i don't think i would do anything like that. I understand she needed closure but revenge doesn't always serve its purpose. it can cause the person to be angry rather than guilty which doesn't provide the revenge with the satisfaction they sought revenge for in the first place.
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Post by BookishCoffeeBlog » 10 Jun 2018, 16:25

Personally, I never think people should take revenge because it never works out as well as people hope. However, I think the series of scenes involving Margo's revenge lent themselves well to the story. I think it fits in with the tone and mood that the story created for the reader and it is accurate for a character like Margo. She would be the type of person to enact revenge like she does.

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Post by Nusrat_Shabnam_ » 20 Nov 2018, 02:23

Margo's revenge seems to adventurous and funny. I completely loved it too much.

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Post by Gigareads » 20 Nov 2018, 20:29

I thought Margo's revenge was funny and entertaining. But if it were to happen in real life then I would think she took it too far.

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