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Discuss the April 2015 book of the month, "Paper Towns" by John Green.
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How do you rate Paper Towns?

1 star - poor, recommend against reading it
2 stars - fair, okay
3 stars - good, recommend it
4 stars - excellent, amazing
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Re: Overall Rating and Opinion of "Paper Towns"

Post by iwishicouldread24_7 » 07 Jul 2015, 20:17

I would give this book a 1. I love John Green and I especially loved The Fault in Our Stars, like most people, but I was extremely disappointed in this book. I had the hardest time actually finishing the book. I understand that Q realizes people only see one part of a person and that part is actually a reflection of the observer and not so much the person who is being observed. This makes sense to me and I like the concept, but what disappointed me was that the whole book could have been 20 pages long. Q seems like he is a stalker during the whole book, solely obsessed with Margo and completely being a jerk to his friends yet they all willingly go on a road trip together? the pranks are great, but then the entire book falls completely downhill from there. I was expecting John Green's amazing sense of humor to be present, but it only occurred every now and then. All in all I was really bummed when I read this book because I thought it was awful.

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Post by mtnhicks » 14 Jul 2015, 19:27

So happy, so sad, so... so.... I HOPE there is a sequel. I HAVE to know what happens to Margo!

I got so caught up in Margo Roth Spiegelman and Quentin I forgot to eat and didn't go to bed until I fell asleep with the book in my hands!

John Green has the way of pulling us into the characters in this book and empathizing with them. I was so excited every time Q found another clue hid by Margo and especially when he finds things she didn't mean to find. I found myself frustrated with Radar and Ben when they began to have their own lives and make plans that didn't include Q, then having to tell myself that they were their own characters and had their own "lives" to lead and was immediately relieved when they are in the car waiting for Q when he needed them.

I loved the midnight ride! Who wouldn't love Margo and the revenge she doles out to those who hurt her. I had no idea the events of that night would lead to the adventure and self discovery it did for Quentin.

I hope there is a sequel a sort novella looking back into the lives of the group of friends and how they have changed, possibly a five year reunion. I didn't enjoy the ending, but it makes sense. Paper Town is an easy five star read! Loved it!

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Post by MyThoughtsExactly » 16 Jul 2015, 09:18

I preordered an autographed copy of this book when it was first released, I was 16 at the time. John Green was my favorite author and I had read all of his books. This book definitely did not disappoint! I am halfway excited for the new movie to come out, and halfway scared that they aren't going to get it right!
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Post by zjones99 » 16 Jul 2015, 09:52

I recommend Paper Towns to anyone in need of a new read. It is a very interesting mystery that can be of interest to a range of ages. Is it my favorite John Green book? No. Nothing will ever top that book, but it is still one of the best YA novels out there and everyone should at least give it a shot.

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Post by hannahbm13 » 16 Jul 2015, 19:15

I absolutely loved this story and all of it's elements. John Green is one of my favorite authors and he has never failed to inspire me. His works are all astoundingly fresh and beautiful. I would recommend this to anybody.
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Post by kio » 22 Jul 2015, 17:40

I personally wasn't a fan of Paper Towns. Some of the characters' lack of dimensionality drove me crazy. I did however like the quirky plot and witty lines, but it didn't have enough depth to the plot to keep my interest. I'd probably rate this 2 out of 4 stars.
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Post by t-staz » 26 Jul 2015, 04:01

I personally thought it was boring and the ending really angered me. It was way too predictable in my opinion, compared to other John Green novels, and I felt as though something more wouldv'e happened at the end then what did. I love John Green but Paper Towns was by far my least favorite:(

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Post by BookLover117 » 27 Jul 2015, 15:54

Am I the only one who didn't enjoy this book? It made me feel almost nothing. I would give it a rating of 2 out of 4 because I know that others might enjoy it. I know that many compare this book to Looking for Alaska but I literally fell in love with Looking for Alaska. While there are some similarities, Looking for Alaska made me think a lot about life, while Paper Towns was a struggle to finish. Margo and Quentin were both mildly annoying.

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Post by AlishaKennedy » 29 Jul 2015, 23:20

I loved Paper Towns. I would rate it a 4 out of 4. The plot was well planned out and always kept me wanting to read more. (I finished the book in two days). The characters had a lot of personality and I liked the message the book was portraying. John Green did a great job, once again.
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Post by 98jazzy98 » 10 Aug 2015, 22:30

I have read The Fault in Our Stars and I loved it immensely. I then proceeded to read Looking for Alaska. I hated it with a passion, but I wasn't going to judge John Green by having one bad book, everyone makes mistakes, right? Then, I picked up Paper Towns, and was immensely disappointed. I couldn't even finish the book, so I guess it may not be fair that I'm writing a review. Of course, not that I needed to read to the end, with how predictable to whole plot is. Basically, this book is about a "love-struck" teenage boy who goes on a wild goose chase to find the girl that he "loves". I put those in parenthesis because he hasn't really interacted with this girl since they were five or something, so I don't think it's love. Infatuation and lust? Possibly. Then, there's Margo. The only words I can think of to describe her are selfish and meretricious.

I guess his writing may be an acquired taste. With that being said, I did love The Fault in Our Stars, as mentioned above, and I hope he decides to put out another book of such quality.

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Post by Supcoolfofa01 » 12 Aug 2015, 13:01

I haven't read this and I'm not sure if I want to. It's just that the description makes it seem boring. I guess I want to know, is it worth reading?
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Post by arayimassuoh » 12 Aug 2015, 18:37

I loved the book! It's one of those books that make you feel the feeling of the characters. I felt like I was one the journey to find Margo. I love the overall story to it and the writing is excellent. It has allot of funny parts too, which was great! I'd definitely recommend this book to EVERYONE!

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Post by TangledinText » 28 Aug 2015, 10:03

I found this book as I enjoyed reading the Fault in our Stars and wanted to see what else this author had put out. This novel seemed like a 180 flip from his last, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Fault in our Stars after reading this or vice versa by recommending this novel if you enjoyed his first. They are two completely different works of literature. In my opinion this was a pretty slow and dry book as facts and events kept spilling out, but it help an awkward fluidity to me. I did enjoy the plot as it built up steam and formed into an intriguing journey, but again at the end was unexpected and cut me at the knees. It felt like an abrupt halt and it didn’t follow the plot line that most others in this genre do. The author wasn’t afraid to make people uncomfortable with the ending and not have a happily ever after. It is an easy read and constantly builds and holds your attention so I would recommend this book to others that like a little suspension and a dash or drama and romance. I would give this three stars.
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Post by Stammydodger » 13 Sep 2015, 09:30

I would give 'Paper Towns' 4 stars - I love John Green books, and this is one of my favourites by him. Mainly because you don't know what to expect. Margo was the first character I experienced who fits into a standard stereotype but completely shatters it by the end. *spoiler*.....the whole point is to show that nobody understood her and everyone had a different idea or version of Margo, so whereas some people say that she is awful and feel sorry for Q, I feel the opposite; Q didn't know the real Margo and was in love with what he'd made her to be in his head. The ending was perfect.

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Post by readerfor1 » 23 Sep 2015, 01:10

I honestly just cannot get through this book. I generally enjoy John Green, but have definitely had trouble with some of his books before. In my opinion, there are long parts of the story that just drag on with either no plot contribution, or so much other stuff so as to completely overshadow anything interesting in the plot. In the case of this story, most of the other stuff is this teenage attempt at profundity and philosophy, and instead sounds at best overly wordy and sometimes boring, and at worst pretentious.

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