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Posted: 03 Dec 2018, 04:14
by Sharon rose Willi
Underneath that facade lies a scarred child
Marred in unimaginable ways
Her heart tells the story of horrid days
How he came along, like a balm to her wounded soul
Convincing her with words,daily she struggled to say no
She fell once again into that trap of fear and pain

Her days were numbered,her tears remained
She cried in the dark..with one
To see her hurting that child that needs love
Her tears fell to the earth by day
And at nighttime trapped in a pillow of hay
While others looked on and mocked her in her sorrow

Darkened days, bleak nights,
Even the moon and stars no longer a sight
They gloated, harsh whispers to her floated
She shyed away from the world, the laughter, the mockery
From the cruel place where she was constantly murdered
Inside her cocoon,she had peace
Shielded her from every release

Her laughter masked behind silence
her happiness twisted to a grimace
She hated everything and everyone
Shutting herself out,never letting anyone close
So her tears increased, no one to see
This child with everything in her, so badly bruised

Couldn't allow herself to feel
For the fear it'll be the same routine
For the dread it'll be another trap she walked in
Like a princess locked up in a tower
She flinched at the slightest hint of power
For that brutal strength he used against her

For the constant breathing as he ground into her
For the sweat and little guilt as he satisfied himself with her
Constantly she withdrew and withdrew So scared..even of the dew
She wished someone would pay a little heed
She prayed she could undo the deed
or anyone could see

That secret longing to be free
That child singing a melody
That girl, in peace and harmony
Not her, a case of felony
But the one untouched, full of purity
If only she could have a certainty
If she could escape this harsh reality
Her heart still cries out
With a scar that'll remain there ever
Leaving never, with her forever