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Post by Tiontest » 12 Oct 2018, 04:55

Mamma I learnt
What you put in me, is still in me
You don’t need to worry
I chose good
I tried to play tough
Because I was roughed upon
Received a lot of punches but I never coughed
Yet it never made me wanna throw one
I know you love me Mamma and Sis succeeds
That must count for something right?
Because to me it’s everything
Mamma I learnt
How do I do it? they ask
Keep a smile on my face 24/7
Pretend that everything is okay, Like I don’t care
I don’t pretend, I live it
Yeah you don’t think about the circumstances, you just take a stance
You just do what you can
That’s why my prayer is so slim
My petition so direct, God’s plan is all I ask
And what’s this deal about me not caring when all I do is care
Mamma I learnt
You don’t need to worry
I think fine
I learnt that you don’t need to tell to make a statement
You can only be faster than light if you are not seen
You must not reach the pinnacle to be happy
But you can top the pyramid when you are happy
I know nothing is more important than a clear conscience
The science of keeping it real is all I swot
I got the answer
Who loves me and who I love ?
But it never made me wanna hate
Our experiences make us hmmm
But if you are good, you are good
Mamma I learnt
That you don’t expect Folks to treat you the way you treat em
That you are not always to blame when people dish you
That forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to dine on the same table
That a forced smile has no teeth
Being in a crowd doesn’t me you are loved
That I was ,doesn’t pay your bills
I know the desire to matter has got leod acting crazy
That these days it seems folks have hacked karma
And who can tell where we are heading
Folks crap is getting larger than we can tissue em
And it amazes me
That not a little ink has been spilled on this issue
And when you throw a light pals would think you are having the same issue
Mamma I learnt not to learn their ways
And I hope they learn mine
And this too sounds like another issue

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