Tear in the Cup

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Tear in the Cup

Post by dreaming27 » 26 Aug 2018, 02:14

Although the storm was masked
By the circus clown to amuse the pain
Tragedy often swings by quickly
Like the secretive thick air
Wounds are opened
Forbidden to hide their scars
Brutal dirt has taken over the living
Disloyalty has flooded the blooming roses
Still the fairy is wishing upon the star
Cries of the innocent children
Are there any available hands
Families are supposed to ease the pain
The sketches have been torn apart
The weak heart was hit by the dart
Could storytime be a Heaven
Since the mouth can't speak
Should answers be drawn through art
Shiny glass still sheds those tears
Chaining them up to praise the fear
Where have all those dandelions gone
The bully wind could've threatened them
Alone the dry tear lingers

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