The Beautiful Spirit of Mother Nature: Behind all the masks, there is the shining beauty of the real.

Use this forum to post poetry that you have written. This is for getting comments and constructive feedback. This is for original, creative works. You must post the actual text, no links. Only one poem per topic please.
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The Beautiful Spirit of Mother Nature: Behind all the masks, there is the shining beauty of the real.

Post by Scott »

I wrote this today. Let me know what you think!

On a tiny grain of sand,
flying though outer space,
I'm a human in love with loving kindness,
but all words have some blindingess

If we had evolved more with sharks and snakes
instead of with monkeys and apes
would we still see kindness
as the most accurate manifestation
of the spirit of Mother Nature
and of the Soul of the Universe?

Can you see the love in unkindness?
The immortal unity between mortal enemies?

It's easier to see the unifying shine
that shines equally and unconditionally
upon and within each and all things
when you consider things most alike
the eye that sees them

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder;
What's the ugliest thing that you see?

When you can see the most un-mirror-like as mirror
then you are seeing with the eyes of the divine
You can call it Mother or Father
Creator or Creation

But all words have some blindingness
And she transcends all duality

All fights are formalities
and all duels are dualities
and all duality is a mirror
through which the beauty of the divine
sees only her one true self
Behind all the fake masks,
the dueling roles and wardrobes,
Shines the beauty of the real

I hope you like it! :)

Image generated by AI. The prompt: "An antelope running away from a sharp-toothed lion in outer space"
Image generated by AI. The prompt: "An antelope running away from a sharp-toothed lion in outer space"
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"That virtue we appreciate is as much ours as another's. We see so much only as we possess." - Henry David Thoreau

"Non ignara mali miseris succurrere disco." Virgil, The Aeneid
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Post by Surabhi Rani »

I liked the ending of the poem. The element of inquisitiveness reflected through the above words was worth imbibing for me. The theme of the poem of transcendence of the duality in the extreme circumstances of one's life was abstract and elevating. The image of an antelope running away from a sharp-toothed lion in outer space was inspiring!
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Post by mrlefty0706 »

I had to read it three times to fully experience and understand the poem. On a funny note, If we had evolved with sharks we would not have issues with our teeth but we would be vicious killers and this only applies to mercenaries and people that have no respect for life. I like the poem but will read it a few more times to fully digest it. I liked the inclusion of the beauty of the divine and the reference to the Father Creator since I believe that God created everything and he or she enjoys viewing what has been created and the evolution of man and beasts.
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Post by August0881 »

The poem seeing through the lens of my mind is an expository piece covering issues of creation particularly with reference to a supreme being captured in the word divine altering the case of creation happening by chance from the scientific perception. It even elicit further prove of the divine as not being accidental as touching on virtues of kindness. The perception of good even in bad is also outlined.
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Post by Precious Dubazana »

I think profound! That is the contradictional nature of life, and the challenge is to recognize that uncomfortable experiences and relationships serve as a mirror to help us free ourselves from the bondage of fear-based habits. For there are times when others will be inspired by love to be unkind (to serve which might be a divine purpose ).
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