What Grace Means to Me

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What Grace Means to Me

Post by Scott »

I hope you like it! :)

What Grace Means to Me
by Scott Hughes

To be extremely confident, but not at all arrogant.

To be brave, but not fearless.

To be stoically tough, but not painless.

To be inspired, but not restless.

To have calm endurance without laziness.

To be motivated, but not greedy.

To have fun in this life, without addiction, attachment, or desperate clinginess.

To love and appreciate, without jealousy, cowardly possessiveness, or controlling anger.

To be alive, but not discontent.

To be content, but not dead.

To live as a mortal human, without becoming only human.

To treat your flesh as your temple, but not your true self.

To be at war in the material world, without losing inner peace.

To be kind, but not dishonest.

To love and forgive unconditionally, but only trust intelligently.

To be assertive, but not aggressive.

To forcefully defend your own as needed, but not offensively attack others.

To set boundaries without crossing boundaries.

To be rebellious and free, but not a tyrant.

To pick your battles stingily, but fight the battles you pick with incredible stubborn determination.

To rarely choose to do, but to do your best when you do.

To be stubbornly decisive and self-determined, but accepting of that which you cannot control.

To do your best with the metaphorical cards you’re dealt, without trying to change the cards at all.

To do, without trying.

To achieve ultimate inner peace without having to first suffer ultimate outward devastation.

To choose to make where you are now your personal rock bottom before hitting actual rock bottom.

To choose to turn your life around before it is too late and there is no life left to turn around.


"That virtue we appreciate is as much ours as another's. We see so much only as we possess." - Henry David Thoreau

"Non ignara mali miseris succurrere disco." Virgil, The Aeneid
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Post by gali »

I like it. A good and thoughtful piece!
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Post by AgustinaMC »

This piece is a very fair representation of balance. Society wants us to be all and nothing at all. It is well thought poem
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Post by Amanjha »

I think you write the problem of every person in the mean if they have many they can be arrogant amd i personally think everyone have to read this poem
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Post by Ngozi Onyibor »

The last lines spoke to me. I am at rock bottom, but it's not the way people see it. Thanks for such a thoughtful piece.
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Post by 12kay+kay »

To achieve ultimate inner peace without suffering ultimate outward devastation. I think this line it speaks about life..this is a creative piece
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Post by Anna_5 »

I felt like this talked to me without trying. It is something I could relate to, to have an equally amount of something. Not to much or not to little.
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Post by Josephinekagurah »

This poem really touched my heart. The fact that one can set boundaries without crossing the lines, how true that statement is. Well thought out.
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Post by Cuong31098 »

I can relate to these "quotes" in this poem. Sometimes I find it really hard to set the borderline between those two, for example, being confident or being arrogant. To sum it up, we gotta be careful because we can easily cross the line from confidence to arrogance.
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Post by Neha_S »

Its a beautiful thought which you have penned down beautifully. But I feel something is not right with 2 phrases
1 to be kind but not dishonest
2 to treat your flesh as your temple but not your true self.
Please ignore if you still don't feel so as may be we have different thoughts relating to these lines
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Post by barninest »

Very inspiring, was that a poem?
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Post by NadineSky »

Thoroughly enjoyed this on a day where rock bottom was not to far off.
Thoughtful and precise.
Thank you!
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Vrushali Pachchigar
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Post by Vrushali Pachchigar »

I just loved the way you explained that there's a very thin line between a way to live and the actual way we're living. The end quote is quite true because we live a world where people realise things after its too late or impossible to change the situation. Rather than carrying that guilt whole life it's better to make good choices and turn your life accordingly. Wise words and very inspiring.
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Akinsulire 1
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Post by Akinsulire 1 »

Nice pieces I must say ,this poem sees through our everyday living,what we think about ourselves and what the world perceives us to be but in my opinion,yes there will be rock bottoms,but you don't have to choose to be there.
I quite didn't understand the piece "To treat yourself as a temple but not your true self".
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Post by JazzyQ »

"To be motivated, but not greedy".Greed can be addictive. It never satisfies but leads to more cravings.
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