Let's eat them

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Let's eat them

Post by Daniel-book » 18 Aug 2018, 07:01

We never trusted the law courts,
And so we took our machetes and slit our neighbour’s throats,
We became the judge,
And so we burnt them alive in Church,
As the yellow flame engulfed their bodies,
Their agonizing cries became, to our ears, sweet melodies,
Now their roasted flesh is dripping of fats,
Let’s wash our hands and put aside our hats,
Let’s eat them.

We forgot about what we had built together for so many seasons,
Instead, we attacked our neighbours with crude weapons,
We pulled them out of moving vehicles and divided them using tribal mark,
After be-heading them, we watched and danced as their body-less heads rolled on the hot tarmac,
We set their head-less bodies on fire,
And the mounds of their vaginas quenched our sexual desire,
Now the aroma of roasted meat has filled the air,
Let everyone pull a chair,
Let’s gather for a meal of “Nyama-choma,”
Let’s eat them.

Everyone is invited,
And the protocol should be respected,
Our political leaders should have the first taste,
And not a single limb should go to waste,
The hairs can make a good flying whisk for our elders,
The teeth can make necklaces and bangles to support our thriving fashion industry,
We can use the intestines to make Mutura while the bowel content can be mixed with urine to make Ojuri,
As for the roasted stake,
We can make do with a smoking hot white Ugali,
And an accompaniment of enough Kachumbari,
Instead of a prayer, we can sing the national anthem,
Before we eat them.

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Post by palilogy » 23 Aug 2018, 10:33

Hmmm I think this poem would have more power if the stanzas were shorter.
Consider condensing the poem and creating a stronger message.

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