What Grace Means to Me

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Maria Isabel Gonzalez
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Re: What Grace Means to Me

Post by Maria Isabel Gonzalez »

I can only describe this piece with one word: balance. Short, but impactful at the same time. I wish everyone knew how to leave by this short but strong principles.
Qinisani Moyo
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Post by Qinisani Moyo »

This is a great poem l like it
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Jolize Rosslee
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Post by Jolize Rosslee »

Amazing poem, thank you. Very inspiring and beautiful reminder of Grace and it's blessings
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Okewunmi Pelumi
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Post by Okewunmi Pelumi »

Wow! I love this poem. It's an amazing and mind-hacking poem. Truly, grace is not more than this that you've said. Well done sir.
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Katherine Song
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Post by Katherine Song »

"What Grace Means to Me" is a poetic journey,
A tapestry of beauty, in verses set free.
It's a dance of elegance in each word's embrace,
A reflection of serenity, a soft-spoken grace.

The poet explores, with a delicate touch,
The essence of grace, which means so much.
It's the gentle raindrop on a leaf in the dawn,
The way kindness blooms, like a flower reborn.

With metaphors woven like threads in the breeze,
The verses invite readers to ponder and tease,
The meaning of grace, both simple and grand,
In this heartfelt poem, crafted by hand.

Each stanza unfolds, like petals unfurling,
A portrait of grace in this world, so swirling.
It's a reminder to cherish what's tender and true,
In "What Grace Means to Me," we find a view.

So, read this poem with an open heart's door,
And discover the grace that it has in store.
For in these verses, you'll surely agree,
Grace is a treasure, for both you and me.
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Fay Timpany
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Post by Fay Timpany »

Perfectly describing the balance in life we all wish to achieve. This a beautiful poem.
Kristhy Pelayo
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Post by Kristhy Pelayo »

Grace is joy that we received after the storms we encountered. The inner peace we finally have after all those sufferings. Thanks for your piece.
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Post by Mahabur_10 »

I is very thoughtful poem. She/He is great thankful person. So she will be great poet in future i hope.
Juliet Ngozi Eze
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Post by Juliet Ngozi Eze »

"To be brave, but not fearless". I so much like this poem. Despite the fear we have the courage to take action and brave is more useful to humans.
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Post by harshithcs22 »

I love it so beautifully written
George Bennett
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Post by George Bennett »

"To do your best with the metaphorical cards you’re dealt, without trying to change the cards at all."

I've been all about trying to change the cards lately. Thanks, Scott, for the perspective.
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Sahrish Naqvi
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Post by Sahrish Naqvi »

This poem beautifully explores the delicate balance of virtues and values that define a person's character. It emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, self-control, and personal growth. The poet skillfully portrays the idea of being confident without arrogance, brave but not fearless, and motivated without greed. The poem also highlights the significance of inner peace and the ability to navigate life's challenges with resilience.

The concept of choosing to make your current situation a personal "rock bottom" before hitting actual rock bottom is thought-provoking, suggesting that one can proactively take control of their life's direction. Overall, this poem serves as a meaningful reflection on the complexities of human nature and the pursuit of a balanced and purposeful existence.
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Post by Scott »

Here are some more lines I'd add if I was writing it again. :)

To predict, but never expect.

To observe, but never judge.

To notice, but never hate.
"That virtue we appreciate is as much ours as another's. We see so much only as we possess." - Henry David Thoreau

"Non ignara mali miseris succurrere disco." Virgil, The Aeneid
Maria Rejon
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Post by Maria Rejon »

I loved this poem , first time reading it . I can totally relate to those lines. Especially this one that says "to predict, but never expect. "To notice, but never hate". "To observe, but never judge.
This is such a great poem with inspirational words.
I would recommend people to read this poem.
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Moin Vinchu17
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Post by Moin Vinchu17 »

All the following adjectives in the poem are so close to life...it tells us about so much that we deal with in our day to day living. It tells us about so much we have and get but still we are discontent and unsatisfied. It mentions about our strenth which we ourself convert it into weakneses and fall apart. The poem gives us a broad Outlook towards life and inspire us to cut down all our negativities and deficiencies and make our living much better by trying to achive inner peace and satisfaction instead of discomforting ouselves with opposing interests. I loved the poem..it stands for high regards...
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