What Grace Means to Me

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Zainab Shahzad
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Re: What Grace Means to Me

Post by Zainab Shahzad »

Graceful words beautifully put together :)
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Seqhatsi Shata
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What an informative poem! It has got a good structure and a great rhythm to it.
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I must appreciate Scott for the wonderful piece. I couldn't read through once only. It puts bare comparisons and contrasts that we need to decide on. In each case, with a moderated approach that is safe. I will not say again "Let me try" but just "Do" what I make my mind on. Regarding the rock bottom, I shouldn't allow more downwardness in a single life I have. I love it!
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Amna Malik 5
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Post by Amna Malik 5 »

This is such a wonderful poem that I read that symbolises balance in life. The last few lines were pretty deep and almost had me thinking for a very long time about myself and the society that we live in. Thankyiu so much for this precious message you have conveyed with an amazing choice of words.
Scott wrote: 14 Jan 2021, 12:22 I hope you like it! :)

What Grace Means to Me
by Scott Hughes

To be extremely confident, but not at all arrogant.

To be brave, but not fearless.

To be stoically tough, but not painless.

To be inspired, but not restless.

To have calm endurance without laziness.

To be motivated, but not greedy.

To have fun in this life, without addiction, attachment, or desperate clinginess.

To love and appreciate, without jealousy, cowardly possessiveness, or controlling anger.

To be alive, but not discontent.

To be content, but not dead.

To live as a mortal human, without becoming only human.

To treat your flesh as your temple, but not your true self.

To be at war in the material world, without losing inner peace.

To be kind, but not dishonest.

To love and forgive unconditionally, but only trust intelligently.

To be assertive, but not aggressive.

To forcefully defend your own as needed, but not offensively attack others.

To set boundaries without crossing boundaries.

To be rebellious and free, but not a tyrant.

To pick your battles stingily, but fight the battles you pick with incredible stubborn determination.

To rarely choose to do, but to do your best when you do.

To be stubbornly decisive and self-determined, but accepting of that which you cannot control.

To do your best with the metaphorical cards you’re dealt, without trying to change the cards at all.

To do, without trying.

To achieve ultimate inner peace without having to first suffer ultimate outward devastation.

To choose to make where you are now your personal rock bottom before hitting actual rock bottom.

To choose to turn your life around before it is too late and there is no life left to turn around.
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Precious Esquilona
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Post by Precious Esquilona »

The piece is very well written. It emphasizes what we are and have in life without actually being too much of it. Nicely done.
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Clement Otieno 1
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Post by Clement Otieno 1 »

The poem illustrates the paradoxic life we live. The do's and don't however hard we tries but nature takes its course. "To love and appreciate, without jealousy, cowardly possessiveness, or controlling anger"
John Kinyua 4
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Post by John Kinyua 4 »

I will call this self-control. A great way to live a peaceful and satisfying life.
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Sujata Mainali
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Post by Sujata Mainali »

I love the each and every words which have the deep meaning which is relatable to everyones life journey
Huge respect for choosing such a words and for creation 🙏🙏
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Honeywell Atyang
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Post by Honeywell Atyang »

This poem is awesome .....I like it
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Sumayya Nabiirah Bagonza
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Post by Sumayya Nabiirah Bagonza »

This poem spoke to me and made me realise a few things. Especially this line;" To be stubbornly decisive and self-determined, but accepting of that which you cannot control" I am quite obsessive and a perfectionist. So this poem has given me lots of things to think about and put in perspective
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Alida Spies
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Post by Alida Spies »

It is beautiful and very apt. I fully agree with those sentiments! Well done, Scott.
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Shivpriya Khude
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Post by Shivpriya Khude »

It's beautifully written.. Describes how it is.. How it will be. If it has to..
It's very motivated and self confidence poetry..
Nicely describe the perspective of our thoughts..
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Andreea pocris
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Post by Andreea pocris »

, "to be brave but not fearless" is literally so true
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Post by Karkodan »

The poem presents a series of dichotomies and contrasts between different states of being.
It explores the balance between seemingly opposing traits and emotions, such as confidence and arrogance, bravery and fearlessness, and motivation and greed.
The poem suggests that it is possible to embody positive traits without falling into their negative counterparts.
The poem also touches on themes of self-improvement, inner peace, and personal growth.
It encourages the reader to strive for balance in their life and to make conscious choices to turn their life around before it is too late.
In essence, the poem presents a thought-provoking reflection on the human condition and the pursuit of inner peace and contentment. It encourages the reader to strive for balance and to make conscious choices in their life.
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Jaya K 2
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Post by Jaya K 2 »

Now I know that the whole world is striving for Grace i.e. balance...we just don't know it. You have given a beautiful name for the daily strife of mankind - the search for the impossible - the saving Grace or balance
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