"Like A Glove"

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I've been taken to the station wall
told of destinations so tall
Never looking forward, grim
seeing so many eyes so far from holy.

Strangeness talking, stranger way
Random games they'll try and play
A lil' stubborn, I am and they might say...
Listen to them, I've been told way too many stories.

Now, so cold unto others gets old
Neglect...forget to try it
Don't buy it, it's sold.

I knew if time stood still with you,
to look at you, I would see your true intention
holding on this time, still mine.
Once thought was real affection.

We always have and always will,
as nature waves your healing gaze for me
so gently stays and for saving a loyal love
I'm sending my smile while you fit like a glove
I'm keeping my actions reactive to only our love.

Originally written by: Miss Tracy Lea
May 30th,1998
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