I see you

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I see you

Post by Tiontest » 12 Oct 2018, 05:01

I see you, I see you
My silence did not mean, I couldn’t see you
If I could not see you why is it that all my words are like your thoughts?
If this is all a lie how is it that I got you right?
If am just a joke why do the words choke you?
If you are fine why do you spill pills?
Beauty I guess the city swallowed you
Took the extra from your extraordinary
Pushed your goodness deep inside
I see the sad eyes within the smiling face
I can tell you have been pushed
I know your heart is saying no more
It’s hard to be courageous when you are open to a thousand voices
When all these start weighing you down
I want you to know that I see you
If this world drags you off the chain and stretch you beyond your yielding point
Do not feel blue because I see you
Am not here to preach rather I want to reach out to you
Pull the goodness up, show you how amazing you are
You feign that you are okay but okay ain’t normal
And though I have great love for you
We can’t be perfect, if you are a lie
I see you, I see you
I know you are confuse,
Know you don’t know which to follow your heart or the trend
I can espy through the maze you built, decipher where it all began
I have descried that you have cried
If there was no pain there wouldn’t be a scar
You can hide the pain
Give the sad face a makeup
Rehearse a lie till it becomes your truth
Tell a lie but your eyes will always sell you out
But am here because I know you are good
You are not all scheme and no substance
You may have some cracks but I know you are not broken
Why tell a lie that you are this, if you can be more than that
Why surrender, if you can be a contender
I see you

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