(LGBT/Mature) Revenge of the Cannon Fodder

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(LGBT/Mature) Revenge of the Cannon Fodder

Post by MikleoKrein » 02 Jul 2018, 15:26

WARNING: This story contains Boys Love and Mature Themes.

Jiang Xiuran furrowed his brows as heat coursed throughout his body. He panted out warm breaths as a trickle of sweat made its way down from his temples to the junction of his neck. He felt his lower body react uncomfortably in a strange yet vaguely familiar way.

Rough hands groped his body here and there, he wanted to cry out as those touches became more and more demanding, and led even further downwards. However, no matter how hard Jiang Xiuran tried, he couldn't move even a single digit of his fingers, even less do anything else. He couldn't even open his eyes to see what was happening. It was like there was a haze of some sort separating him from reality.


Jiang Xiuran weakly cried out in the darkness of his mind. Repulsion was evident first and foremost as the body of another heavily trapped him underneath them.

"Initiating emergency protocols."

Suddenly, a sophisticated voice was heard, startling Jiang Xiuran greatly. The voice wasn't quite human, as it had that kind of unnatural perfectness surrounding it. Yet, it wasn't also robotic, as the tone itself had that cursive accent in it.

"Points will be used according to the degree of the medication injected into Host. Analyzing points deduction," said the voice, it had an unaffected feel as if nothing could alarm it. "Analyzing complete. 400 points would be deducted from the Host's original point storage. In approximately ten seconds time, full functionality of the body will be restored to its optimal state. The countdown will start now."


Wait, wha-... what is this?

The rough hands dangerously came near Jiang Xiuran's manhood, causing him to be repulsed in a new time high. Hatred was prominent as he was finally able to twitch his fingers slightly. Every second that passed meant the return of his original strength.


"Does Host want to use more points to augment and activate specific skillsets?"

The hell are you talking about?!

Jiang Xiuran wasn't actually mad at this voice, per say. This voice didn't seem malicious, it even helped him in this dire situation. He was just too agitated and harassed by the disgusting hands roaming all over his body.


"Skillsets are a range of abilities with various uses. Host should review it carefully when time isn't short."

I want to kill this f**k!

He roared in his mind as he was finally grabbed in his precious place.


"Strength has been augmented and leveled up by 2 ranks. 1200 points has been deducted from the original point storage. Sadly, another 200 points has been deducted from the swearing."

Jiang Xiuran couldn't care less about the massive points lost at the moment. He didn't even know what these points were. All he could think about was how to annihilate this piece of sh*t that was doing what they pleased with his body.


"Happy killings," the voice cheerfully announced, as if welcoming its master back.

An unknown yet not unwelcome force made its way through the deep recesses of his mind, body, and soul. It was like every cell in Jiang Xiuran's body was lit on fire, rejuvenated, and strengthened even further into its limit.

Abruptly opening his eyes that glinted with unrepressed fury, there was simply no time for the perpetrator to react before a jade-like hand went through their chest cavity and shredded their still beating heart into pieces.

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