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She had been staring at him for a minute or so. She loved him; at least she thought she did. She loved his striking blue eyes and that mind blowing body of his that was without a doubt sculpted with immense precision. Renishii had been in love with Tsumeru for as long as she could remember. She knew she had to stay away from him, she knew he was dangerous but her treacherous mind tortured her with thoughts of how his body would feel entangled with hers, in her and over her.
On the joyous 7th he caught her staring at him. He smiled, she smiled then geeky Nuven shattered the experience with his raucous laughter. Tsumeru walked up to her after class and asked if she was willing to be his math tutor and in her attempt to get a suitable location for his tutorial he said his apartment was suitable as it was serene and allowed for better understanding. She should have known better, she did know better but the saying in the movies and novels was always “love was blind” no one said “love was stupid”.
The first tutorial was totally uneventful. He was a total gentleman and that was totally uncool. She couldn’t figure out what she had done wrong. She had worn her best and subtly sent signals but he didn’t seem to notice. From the desultory conversations of the bimbo bitches in her class she knew that Tsumeru was skilled in bed and she wanted her first time to be special and what better way to lose her virginity than with “Tsumeru the Great”.
On their seventh meeting she told him to touch her. He acted all naive and oblivious at first and courteously asked if she was sure.
She said yes. He leaned in and kissed her.
The first sex and subsequent others were lightening and strawberry. Tsumeru was a pro. He was well versed and skilled in the field and he did the impossible, he explored, he showed and she learnt. Renishii soon became fully aware of the awesomeness of her body.
Tsumeru was a sex addict and to maintain the prestigious title of “the one”, she indulged him. He gave her all she needed and her hands lacked nothing her eyes coveted.
Eight months later, during the their dinner at Cruzero, he told her it was over. He said he didn’t feel it anymore. He said the relationship had lost its passion. He stood, paid the bill and walked away. Renishii gulped he last Ciruzai; it had suddenly lost its unique flavor. She grabbed her bag and she ran after him. She pull him back, savagely kissed him and asked him to give a better reason, asked him to spare her the shame, asked him to forgive and slapped him so hard that he staggered and fell backward.
How could he? Who the f**k did he think he was? Was he high? She figured that he must have been high so she knelt, cradled his face and said she was sorry, she was so sorry. She looked at him and he said “I mean it”.
Renishii hit him, hit him and hit him till she was pulled away by a bystander. Tsumeru then stood up, dusted his bomber jacket and muttered “bitch”.
Renishii went ballistic, all she saw was red. The retarded bastard had taken her virginity and all she got was eight months. Eight f**k months. She elbowed the bystanders crotch and lunged at Tsumeru but this time he was ready. He sidestepped and jabbed her. She practically saw stars.
With tears in her eyes she once again asked why?
Tsumeru squatted and whispered to her “You aren’t tight anymore. I desire friction in my relationships.

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