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Just Without Him

Posted: 15 Jun 2018, 01:55
by hansonuko
She hates it whenever he said it. He has tried to convince her over and over again. She wants happiness, such that comes from from an ensconced relationship with the one she'd admire. Not from the ugly black skin who tells her the deceits she heard from her ex. All he gets back is No. He seems like a fool whenever before her. An intelligent, gallant, gorgeous tall light mocha skin David appears more foolish and speechless because of the talk-full charming and charismatic Jennifer. She is a queen of her own kingdom. He is tired and gets discouraged in many ways. So, he refuses to make another trial. She begins to miss him. The humble persistence of her once ugly bugger has made her fall in love. So deep that she wishes he would just have some gut just to stand before her again, even just without a word so she would tell him how much he means to him.