A Night With The SIDE GIRL

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A Night With The SIDE GIRL

Post by hansonuko » 14 Jun 2018, 19:05

It was getting late and we had chatted on messenger for over an hour. She told me she would sleep very early, so, it was a perfect response for me to just arrange a shady with the side. Since I had to do that on chat too, I ensured I kept her busy until the hanky-panky game got rolling.

Everything was perfect and the side arrived moments later. I was running to excitement. But, she didn't allow me get on her yet when I heard a knock. I delayed to check on who, waiting for the voice of the untold visitor. The person at the door didn't know that it wasn't a good time to receive visitors. I had even forgotten to put the two shoes at the door inside. Anyone who saw them knew we were in. The visit had slowed my day deal.

The knock continued whimsically till 8:30 without a voice, and I knew that things were not right. It was dark. How strange? Knocking without a response and kept on? I decided to ask who it was. But, no one responded. I dressed and moved to open the door.

Surprising, someone who stood knocking for so long had suddenly disappeared into the tin air? I didn't have anyone in mind, so I resolved to throw the door blind while it remained open for a while.

Meanwhile, if I was at all scared, I was only trying to avoid one thing. And, I knew that the one fear was dealt with before I embarked on the knavery agenda. That fear of being sure that my only woman, the light mocha skin, soft spoken and largehearted beautiful Comfort, I had fallen in love with, didn't get to be suspicious of anything.

Comfort and I had dated few months back just before graduation from higher school. If I were to describe her to someone, she was a well respected, low profiled, loyal and caring girl, her faithful tone was one I've never heard before. She had told me that I was the first man in her life. I always did everything to ensure I didn't break her trust.

Few minutes later, some footsteps drew swiftly close to my door. I knew that only thieves in my area could do such. The last one that entered my neighbourhood did just like that; I was told. I suddenly stood to close the door. A hand just flung the curtain with a slapping speed.

Immediately I saw who, my body freezed. I didn't know what to do. I began to speak with a husky silken tone that only said "Please, wait! I can explain."

She didn't inform me of her sudden change of mind. Sleeping early, but, now she's here. I knew how she'd react in event like this, so I moved outside to sit by the yard.

Her voice grated raw to my nerves. I was still calm. I knew that I had done the worst this time. Other times, I'd yell back at her and became more angry such that she would be rueful. The good thing about my reactions then was that, she'd be afraid of bringing back the topic of what made her suspicious.

I was very careful not to break her trust. My phone had always been on twelve digits password, changed at regular interval. She caught me red-handed this time. I needed to opt my game to preserve my only relationship from falling. I had always dreamt of an ensconced relationship with her, which was why I'd pray to become faithful to her.

While trying to offer my explanation in a staggering tone, the side girl came out. She moved in between us, pointed her phone light. "Babe, you kept me waiting. Who is she?" I felt like dashing into the ground or better, fly into the sky until all is sorted out.

"Oh! Comfort....?? Is that you? So, you again today? Just last week, I caught you on bed with my man who called you side. You made my heart broke into pieces. I've found a new adorable, and today you're here, for him again? What have I done to you?" The Side said. No one could say a thing until I walked out of the drama.

"Wonderful!" How they knew themselves was the lyrics I wanted to hear. So I was actually loving, trusting and adoring another man's Side and siding my new love... What a world!
I went back to sleep.

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Post by April Gay » 17 Jun 2018, 02:08

Don't do unto others what you don't want others do unto you. Easy to say, hard to do especially in terms of loyalty. Funny is, while proving your loyalty, the truth slaps you by surprise the people you try to be loyal to have already cheated on you before you ever did.

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