The Perfect Man's Wish

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The Perfect Man's Wish

Post by hansonuko » 14 Jun 2018, 18:56

I was on a motorcycle the other day going for my business and at a certain point, I heard another cyclist squeal "the day you will die on road accident, it is truck that will crush you and the sun will still be like this."

His words lingered for so long in my memory even after that day.

I began to see the teeth that were always open in excitement, laughing to stupor each time I made one mistake. I was reminded of a similar wish like; "Uko, you press phone a lot. This your phone will put you into trouble 'one day'..."

At some point in life, I began to think that making simple mistakes were a murderous offence, because the responses from many people around you would be "You have always been doing like, you will continue to do like that till it takes you to your early misfortune and then, death."

We wish that the only thing that would have happened to someone who mistakenly failed us was "thunder strike you and make you ugly and helpless."

What was the offense of the cyclist whose life was prayed short by a fellow man? He slowed his bike to the least of gear one and entered left, but earlier forgot to indicate a side light that he was routing the left.

Perhaps, the perfect person who is reading this would say "Eheen! That's how they normally do..." You're right. But, definitely not the same person who did the same thing 'normally'. Your brother, uncle, friend and other relations are also among the 'they' who 'normally' forgot the indicator light before pacing another route.

Imagine if you heard someone ruined your relations with such wishes just because he did same mistake and you were just on the front passenger seat. You'll begin to think of how a truck will mistakenly crush your loved one and he/she would be helpless. I'm sure that your immediate reaction would be a shrug of "God forbid!....Back to sender."

You have forgotten how many bad wishes you have sent to others. Someone may probably have said 'back to sender' to you, because you wished them misfortune. Imagine how many fingers return to you when you point one at someone.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions: why you easily get unnecessarily amused when people failed? Why you feel stronger because others are falling to the dust? Why your teeth only opens to 32 when someone miss-feet a required target? Or Why you can't offer advise or help someone who is not better in something?
You're perfect!

Truth is: only perfect people who don't and wouldn't make mistakes will render unhealthy wishes on the imperfect ones. Their personal traits ranges from transfer of blames to finding faults. Perfect men do not have time to offer healthy advise. They presume your doom to be as fast as possible and if within their powers, they help make you fall quicker.

Perfect people I knew never accepted the wrongs they did, instead, the available person may be transferred the blame.

Just like we prone our flowers to have beautiful shapes and sizes, beautify people with kind words and counsel each time you see them falling apart. Don't get excited at other's fall because yours could be worst.

We can change the narratives for the better. Dont wait until the bad wishes happen to you before you feel the pains. Punch yourself and feel how good you feels before giving someone else a blow.

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