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It’s just for a night, Slut. Besides you should even count yourself lucky I came back to you, it’s usually not my style, he grinned sarcastically. Can we already get it over with, Ruby said to the man, disgusted by the stench of cigarette and gin from his breath.
Cleaning up the room that morning, that feeling was back again. Amanda’s words echoed in her ears. Ruby shrugged it off as she hurriedly went to throw out the refuse. Really, she needed all the money, she needed to buy all her books, and pay her fees. She ought to look good of course, and make a living. After all Amanda had told her earlier that life was not as complicated, that you use the available to get the needful. 5ft 10, bronzed skin with entirely captivating eyes, a deep rooted dimple on her left cheek, well-structured in all the right places, at 19,Ruby knew she was a beautiful girl. A third year mass communication student in the Uni, Ruby had to survive. From a home of ravaged penury, she determined in her heart to re-write their story.

She had met Amanda in her first year, after struggling to gain admission into school. She was an older girl in her second year. Amanda had found her in tears one of the days during the school registration process. She hadn’t all the money to complete her tuition. Amanda had been of tremendous assistance to her, and that was when it all started.
She introduced her to a different way of life. Amanda had understood with her, being of similar background. She made her understand that there was no other way out. Appalled at the first instance, it wasn’t long before she found herself extremely engrossed. Her fascination was with how captivated the men were with her. After school each day she had to meet up with several different appointments, she could now pay her tuition and even send some money back home to her family. Her performance in school had drastically gone down, but believed she could pull a few strings to upgrade it. She had become so corrupt, a student, yet a call girl.

What had Amanda been talking about lately? She couldn’t understand. What could she have meant by she had found a new life, when things had just peaked. She was troubled; did that mean she was going to loose all that she had built? She could indeed see the changes, Amanda no longer went to the brothel, cut off those wild parties, even stopped hanging out with those group of girls and guys she had called friends. She said she had found an alternative business of helping other students with research work which was fetching her not as much, but enough to keep her through her last year in school. She had a better self-worth and was happy with her new life. Ruby wanted to know more, Amanda overtime had become the one person she looked up to.

Ruby, I encountered Jesus. I had no idea I could have a lover as beautiful, Amanda said. His love is true, It didn’t matter what I did, He forgave me, it still didn’t matter how I felt, He accepted me. It doesn’t matter what people think any more, my life is changed. I was excited, but didn’t think I could do it. I gave all the reasons against it, I was extremely empty. I just did not deserve it! It was too good to be true, Amanda smiled as she hugged Ruby, don’t worry love, you can have it too.

Ruby left Amanda that morning, with eyes swollen. Her mind was made, no turning back. She had found the way, the truth and life. She couldn’t wait to share it with Chloe and Lauren; they needed this new life too.

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