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It was unusually cold and quiet this night....The usual hooting of the owls seemed so distant. Tonight the moon was out, casting matching shadows from the trees by her window. Like every other night, Kim was wide awake in her bed, lost in thoughts. The pain in her chest was overwhelming, tears slowly rolled down her cheeks; it hurt so bad, how could all this be?
Kim Louis believed life was just about going to school, gaining knowledge, working in a high profile organisation, and that was what she stayed devoted to. At 23, she was an associate in one of the top law firms in her city, she had graduated top of her class and was doing pretty well as a young lawyer. Kim was passionate about her career, loved by all her superiors, she was a potential partner.

Kim had grown used to wearing very heavy makeup, a mask of that dark part of her. This morning, she had sought an appointment with Doctor Widdle . She had read so much about him , and figured he could help her.
As Kim sat in deep thoughts back at work, replaying all the words he had spoken to her, her heart wrenched in pain. A thousand needles pricked all at once, he said to forgive, he said she would heal faster if she let go... and that black book he gave her to read, how possibly could it help?
At age 6, Kerry her only brother, older by 8 years, constantly had raped her till the age of 11. The lies of how beautiful and smart it will make her look, how everyone was going to love her because she was special, to think she believed all that. She had known it wasn’t right, but loved him too much to doubt what he had told her. Their mum had passed on 3 years after her birth, dad had being too busy at work to pay them any attention.
Kerry had passed on 2 years back in a tragic motor accident with a couple of drunken friends from a night party , yet, the pains of what he did still remained fresh on Kim’s mind.

That black book Dr. Widdle had talked about, he said it was going to help her.He mentioned a man he referred to as the Father of all ,he said He was the only one that could help her through the pains, if only she would let Him in. could she remember his name? oh yes, she wrote it down, he even gave her some notes to memorise and repeat to herself daily. Going through her pad that night seated on the cold floor in her room, she saw it, the man’s name is Jesus, he had said it didn’t matter what Kim had done with Kerry, once she lets Him in, all that will be forgiven and forgotten.she would have a better life. Tears rolled down as she held the bible close to her chest ,repeating her words amidst the sobs... I forgive you Kerry, i let it all go, she decided to trust Dr. Widdle. he said i have been redeemed and forgiven, and a recipient of Your lavish grace if only i will ask You in. he said You stick closer than a brother, and Your love unconditional.he said You never change ,and will help me through this pain. Jesus, i want that help right now, I accept You into my life, yes, i believe, help me.

Today Kim Louis is living a happy life, the nightmares have drastically reduced. she discovered her purpose and fulfilment come from helping other abused girls. Though still working as a lawyer, this time more devoted to the course of saving lives.

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