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In this life we may feel upset, unhappy, sometimes silly, stupid or maybe happy and excited about something, isn’t it?
That is what I felt many times ago, I endured a lot of bad situation that tried to tear me down, make my heart shake and move from that hope I always had, there was no one trying to help me or make me believe in myself. I found something so powerful which led me from darkness to light, it enlightened my pathway and it made me believe once again in myself. Do you know who was this thing or person who changed my life? Do you? I bet you don’t but wait! You have to wait some time to discover who is it?

I’m pretty sure that you, yes you, you are listening to me, reading what I wrote and understanding all the words, don’t you? Of course, you do, so give me your hands and let’s travel to your wonderland. You are thinking that it is in a complete mess –which you wish you could nurture with your love and affection. Once you start thinking about its organization like where to put your sadness, sorrow, happiness, problems, enthusiasm, talents, motivation, love, hate, optimism, and your success. It is a paradox, isn’t it? Everything is full of darkness, unclear clues that you can’t make clear. When you pray or sit alone you ask god, “why it is me especially not someone else? Why I do feel all this bad sentiments? Why I can’t live a happy life even if I have many things others dream of having? Why I can’t feel the pleasure and happiness others do feel? Why no one is here for me even though I have been here for a lot of people? Why life is unfair? Why?”

All this is happening with you and you didn’t give the chance to yourself to change anything in. Why you didn’t give chance to forget all negative things and turn them into greatness? Is it because you don’t love yourself or your family? I’m so sure you do love yourself and your family but you always underestimate your capacities and ability to do what you dream of doing. Let me tell you some words that will blow you up now, at this moment and today. Your inner world is full of hope, that one day you will find what is wrong with you; take it off from your heart to replace it with right things and only right things. It feels awkward to say these words but it is the truth, you always and frequently think that everything will be right especially after meeting someone special who is trying to take you out of that sad inner world and make you travel from a faded land to a fruitful land – which is that optimistic inner world lying inside you. You inner world is full of love, inspiration, thoughts, talents, adventures, ideas, and creativity. People always try to throw rocks on shining stars like you girl, yes as you heard like you and only you.

Love yourself for who you are really not for what people decided to see in you, love yourself, your life, your loss because it is that failure you meet which gives you much more power to carry on the fight.
Finally, I can assure you that no one was here to help me or lead me, I tasted the taste of loss and I kissed death itself but I overcome them all with me, myself, and time. I can’t ignore the great leaders about whom I read always and watch their tapes- which made of me someone else, so YOU, you are not alone, we are all the same.
Let’s fight all together to get it right.

“Let others lead small lives, but not YOU. Let others argue over small things, but not YOU. Let others cry over small hurts, but not YOU. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not YOU, you are the creature of your future.”

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